Batman got off the moon, became Superman and was insanely insane

Since the franchise's creator, Chip Zdarsky has gone up the hall of fame for his first year in the series. As he did Jorge Jimenez, the Caped Crusader fought Failsafe, an unstoppable robot created to kill Batmans own emergency backup personality and activate and kill him.

Since the story of the “supernatural” characters was taken up by the writer Chip Zdarsky for months. According to Jorge Jimenez, the Caped Crusader battled Failsafe, an unstoppable robot created by Batmans emergency backup personality to attack his enemies should he break his rule against swarming.

Failsafe sat through the Batman (multiple times), the entire Batman family and even Superman, some of which belong to the Justice League. In the last issue, Batman lured the machine to the old Justice League satellite near the moon, and this month’s issue began with Batman being stranded and drifting over space between the moon and the earth. So he did whatever we would have done in this situation.

He was able to revive Earth’s atmosphere by bringing it to the ground alive.

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Image: Chip Zdarsky, Jorge Jimenez/DC Comics.

How did Batman return to the Arctic? His oxygen tank and a partially uncased launch vehicle had snagged from the wrecked ship to keep on for propulsion, relied on the Batsuit for insulation and shielding (wrapped his swim trunks around his face as the oxygen mask melted on re-entry), and I think he did a lot of orbital mechanics on the fly.

He even managed to land within walking distance of the Fortress of Solitude. Nobody tells Tom Cruise about this.

Image: Gerry Duggan, Rod Reis/Marvel Comics.

I love a superhero story in the middle of Christmas, and one where all New York City’s everyday life turns into toontown-like nightmares, like dark web. The cleavage and re-uniting clones of Jean Gray and Peter Parker, who joined in to make things worse, isn’t the only thing that the series is about, but it feels like it knows how ridiculous it is.

What I’m trying to say will be the real New York Problems, a superhero collateral damage example. No demolition, no broken bridge. A huge focus on an important landmark is going to be blown away by the destruction of the building. It’s perfect.

Image: Daniel Warren Johnson/Image Comics

Make a power bombAlready one of my best books of 2023, this week sees its sweet farewell with thundering action and crashingly horror drama finished off.

Image: Tom King, Jorge Fornes/DC Comics

From the team that brought you Rorschach comes danger roadnominally an ensemble thriller miniseries only about Shmoes from DC Comics most obscure and disjointed series characters like Lady Cop, Atlas (not the Greek), and Star Man (not the one that you heard of).

It’s an odd illusion considering that im familiar with some of these characters Metamorpho, Warlord, and Doctor Fate for example, but the overall experience reminds me of something like that the most top ten or Guardian or even an old Wildstorm book. The DC Universe created a strange universe for some great reason.

Image: Ryan, Mobili, & Marvel Comics.

Don’t think I noticed Squirrel Girls No-Lines comingo in Ryan-Nord and Francesco Mobilis Secret invasion. I did it. I see him, I’m here for him and I love it.