British: FIFA 23 is Christmas no.1 2022 plus 8 Switch games in top ten

The new boxed software has been given to the biggest gaming market in the country, the United Kingdom. FIFA 23 is popular with people who believe that Christmas is not the 1st Christmas in the country, as a sales increase of 67 % increased by the two weeks already, thanks partly to the 2022 world cup, which finally ended with [] the world cup [e] having ended with [] the [e] second.

The latest boxed video game software rankings came from the largest gaming market in Europe, the UK. The FIFA 23 popular soccer game has become Christmas No.1 this year with a 67% increase in sales compared to last week, partly due to the 2022 world cup which ended with Argentina declared the champion. FIFA has been the number one Christmas in the UK now ten years and it’s definitely going to be the same in other European countries. We have eight Nintendo Switch games in the top 10. This is the top Ten by GfK UK boxing for the week ending 17 December 2022.

Title 2 1 3 2 Modern Warfare: Call of Duty 2: Modern Warfare. 1 3 War’s creator: Ragnarok. 5 4 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. 4 5 6 6 Go to the Nintendo Switch to play Sports. 7 7 NEW 8 Great Game: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion. 10 9 Minecraft: Switch – Edition. 11 10 Just dance in 2023!


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