BTS Coming In The World : New Concert Film to Enhance Fan Experience

It's a good news for the internal team! The kpop group has announced the release of its new concert film, BTS Never To Come in Cinemas - coming out next year.

The South Korean musical act we all love announced a special screening of the new concert movie, BTS yet To Come in Cinemas, that will be released in the theatre next year in cinemas worldwide for a limited time. This movie will give fans the chance to read an article about the original story in the movie “From afar: Here’s what happened.”

After the release of the other two concert movies in the same direction, the release is now the fifth release for the group following previous projects like Burn The Stage: The Movie, Bring The Soul: The Movie, Break The Silence: The Movie and The Freedom To Dance OnStage Seoul:Live Viewing.

In order to achieve this dream, the film distributor works with RCA, DLP and DLP. As well as regular film screening, the cinematic translation of the concert concert will be available in ScreenX and 4DX, respectively.

Tickets sell at four:20 o’clock, 12:20 p.m. ET, or the 11:20 o’clock, 12:19 (Teas: 1 o’clock, 9:30). The official message focusing on the release of the forthcoming concert film reads: Join RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, VandJung Kook in this special cinematic cut, re-edited and remixed for the big screen. Watch new close-up angles and a whole new view of the entire concert.

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2022 is almost over.

BTS_official (@bts_bighit) December 19, 2022.

As part of the concert, a group will perform songs with their discography, namely Dynamite, Butter, IDOL, and then the first concert performance of Run BTS, a much-loved song from his latest album Proof.

As always, fans were reacting, and those who already witnessed the beautiful upcoming live concert will not miss out on this fun celebration again. All the time, eagerly watched the group bust their moves on Run BTS, and then urged their fans to go to the theatre with ScreenX. That gives them 270 degrees view of the experience.

Moreover, next year already looks like a complete schedule for the BTS Army, considering that their favourite artists are coming out with various documentaries, too. Disney+ Hotstar’s release the new docuseries entitled BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star, and focus on members like: RM, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, whose stories and music were from their debut in the beginning to today. More recently, a solo documentary focused on J-hope is coming out on the platform.

Check out the announcement of the latest release for BTS Still To Come in the cinemas.

BTS_official (@bts_bighit) December 20, 2022

The film “The Life of The World” premieres at the theatres worldwide from the start of February 1, 2023 for a limited time. Check out the official website for details on the special screening.

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