But what is wrong with the Xbox?

I'll conclude 2022 with an opinion, perhaps unpopular. But Square Enix is perhaps the company that produces the most rejection in the entire industry. And look, Xbox has some serious rivals, but its approach to its game makes it to the top of my worst video game publisher's list. Today, I come to talk to him.

I’ll open it this 2022 with an opinion, possibly unpopular. But Square Enix is probably the company that’s very disappointed in the entire industry. It has lots of serious rivals, but its treatment of Xbox makes it to the top of the list of the worst video game publishers.

Today, I am calling the subject of the question for your question of the management of the Microsoft platform. It is obvious that Sony and Yosuke Matsuda had a special feeling. We’re all about Xbox, but we can extend the spectrum to mobiles and PCs, where they aren’t real in terms of price; mobile games are at 30 or 40 euro ports.

Square Enix returns to the Xbox 360.

They are actually special with Xbox. Because they had ignored the platform systematically since 2013. And yes, the situation has improved a lot, but the relation isn’t normal. And I’m convinced that this improvement translates to an exchange of money, paid by Microsoft. Square Enix does no favors and its doing so bluntly when you can try to hit a hit console. Don’t you believe me? Godgkin! Godgkin, you fooled!

With the launch of the new console, Square Enix asked Microsoft to reveal how much of the games was going to last. Have you seen that happen to another platform? That’s because, as well, it adds the number of games the Japanese continue to ignore on the American console. 90% of the games that are now launched under Microsoft’s financial umbrella, and as additional information, I’ll tell you that they have all arrived in Game Pass. Microsoft pays to get its games in the service. It isn’t that XI, or Nier, arrived because Square thought that was good, they arrived because Spencer took a VISA ride.

Square Enix isn’t doing anything, and even if it has the patience on Xbox, it will do it in real time. To share!

I know what you’ll say, and yes, you’re right. The company is not allowed to play its games anytime it sees fit. What do I think of a character like Zack Fair in a remake of the Critical Core in the Final Fantasy VII universe, if you don’t want to bring rest of the games? What does that mean? What would it cost them to bring back hugely expensive HD roms like the new Final Fantasy Pixel Edition?

Stranger of Paradise is a good example for anyone who wants to do so. But then again whats the true reason to bring this thing, but to make Final Fantasy XVI exclusive? Why does Square Enix think that Xbox users are going to want Forspoken in a few years and that isn’t a game from their best game? I wonder how you decide to take these decisions and who eats breakfast in the morning? Give us lemons and lemons? Certainly this isn’t a coincidence for me.

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Square is Square.

There are then physical copies. I’ll admit he’s so bad. I can understand. The Xbox user consumes much more digital But are there really independents who find a physical market and Square Enix which has its own distribution?

I know that this text won’t make a lot of friends. And honestly, I don’t care. But I always thought that things should be called a “name,” and this is the same philosophy as the Japanese company that used to treat Xbox as a a stutter of an eloquent response. It stinks. The fish is like rotting in the sun for days. I don’t see many excuses for using the platform.

I say it with my full regret: because unlike many colleagues, I respect all the games these people do. But of course, the first time I play is the random smoking bag.

Someone at Square thought we wanted this, not a final fantasy VII.

I can read from Square. With love, but Babylon falls, then you can save it.