Callisto Protocol: A new patch resolves problems affecting performance

The horrifying shocker Callisto protocol was raging on all systems. The developers can solve the problem of performance by installing patch 1.08, and trophy hunters are eager to see what it will be like. Do you really appreciate the callisto protocol? The patch to version 1.1 should help. The update is accurate.

The horror horror-shocker Callisto Protocol was broken on all systems. Since the application is the latest, the developers are tackling the performance problems. Trophy hunters can also look forward to a fix.

Are you not satisfied with the Callisto protocol? The patch to version 1.08 should help. The update, now available to all the devices, weighs between 11 and 13 gigabytes. While the game doesn’t play well, it’s also fixed a trophy bug in the PlayStation 4.

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Developer Striking Distance Studios speak of combat improvement, localization optimizations and general quality-of-life changes. Fortunately, various animations have become faster. Jacob is able to heal quicker, and changing weapons and reloading is quicker. Unfortunately, the possibility to skip the death animations, the developers’ is very proud of, is still missing.

There are new versions available for all platforms. Look for combat improvements, performance and stability fixes, localization optimizations and general quality of life changes. Welistened and thank you for this feedback. More to come.

The Callisto Protocol (@CallistoTheGame) December 15, 2022.

There’s also good news for the trophy hunters on the PlayStation 4: there was a bug that prevented the achievements from being properly synchronized. This is now a joke, bringing the PlayStation Network’s synchronization to the pcs’s smoothest place.