Did Spencer Dutton die in 1923?

We all know how popular Yellowstone is amongst all the other fans of the American drama series in America, and that was the reason for how this series began to become popular enough that it would get its own spin-offs. In that regard, 1923 is a spin-off of the 19th. Did Spencer Dutton die in the first episode of 1923? Read More

We all know how popular Yellowstone is amongst many American writers in America, and that is why this series became popular enough to get its own spin-offs. In this regard, 1923 is one of the spin-off prequels of Yellowstone, as well as one of the past generations of the Dutton family. One of the family members who we met with that was Mr. Dutton, who looked in danger in the pilot’s episode. So, did he die in the first episode of 1923?

Spencer Dutton won’t likely die in the first episode of 1923. That’s because of his set to become one of the most important characters of the series. There are also the fact that 1923s IMDB page states that Brandon Sklenar, who played Spencer, is likely to appear in all the eight episodes of 1923.

Although it may be true that Spencer was seemingly killed in the first episode, let’s not forget that the Yellowstone universe created by Taylor Sheridan allowed us to see other characters surviving similar fates that should have killed them. In that regard, Spencer will likely survive what happened to him in the first episode and will have an important role in the series.

What happened to Dutton?

Since Yellowstone was released, Taylor Sheridan has been instrumental in his creation, and its success is recognized by many television shows throughout America. This series is very popular in the United States, of course, because it is such a dramatic series, which is all that it can offer with its story and premise. And the fact that Yellowstone became popular was that it could get two prequel series in the form of 1883 and 1923.

Of course 1923 is the sequel to 1883 and follows the story of an old-generation Dutton family. In this series, we could meet new characters who face their own challenges in the middle of one of the toughest eras in the United States. Of course, because the 1930s and 1920s were not only good for the American people, it was due to the enduring drought and Great Depression. On top of that, many Americans still suffered from World War I.

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Spencer Dutton played a great role in 1923. He is the nephew of Jacob Dutton and the younger brother of John Dutton Sr., who we all know is John Dutton’s father. While John Dutton works actively on the Dutton ranch as a Jacobs right-hand man, Spencer spent a few years of his youth fighting in the First Great War. That means he experienced many traumatizing events in World War I and was a little upset because he was witnessing when that happened.

There’s a reason to believe that Spencer Dutton’s experiences in the World War I have left him traumatized. It is possible that the trauma that would end up with the destruction of the first Great War could affect his character during the years of 1923 and so on.

It’s also worth noting that Spencer spent his time in Africa on expeditions, where he hunted animal sports for a sport. That was the reason he got into a problem when he was killed in the pilot episode of 1923.

Is Spencer dead?

Indeed, as we mentioned, Spencer Dutton was in the wrong position during the pilot episode of 1923, as he was heavily thought to have been killed at that time. While Spencer hasn’t died, it’s unlikely that he will died during the first episode of the series. Of course, the first clue that we have is that Brandon Sklenar, actor who plays Spencer in 1923, is going to appear in all the eight episodes of the series according to1923s IMDB. That means he will survive the attack and be shown next week in the seven episodes.

In 1923 trailer, a lot of scenes on the show are still being shown. That means that he will probably return from that ordeal with the jaguar alive. And despite its obvious failure, we believe that killing a jaguar attack will have devastating consequences for him and the whole family.

We have always known that the Duttons are not strangers to violence and death, as Yellowstone allowed us to see how violence was always a part of that family. We all know in the years before Yellowstone that Lee Dutton was dead, which surprised many fans. And of course, in 1883, Elsa Dutton also died.

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Although it’s likely that Spencer died in that jaguar attack, in fact this scene reminds fans that death can always occur in the unexpected for the Dutton family. Perhaps that may also cause an injury for Spencer and the Duttons that violence and death are just around the corner, particularly if you think about the fact that the 1920s and 30s weren’t exactly the easiest for Americans.

Due to the general assumption of 1923, the series will have the darkest tone out of all the different shows that take place in the Sheridans Yellowstone universe. That violent attack on Spencer is certainly one of the many events of the series that will happen to the Dutton family. That’s why he’s serving as the bad omen that will soon haunt the whole family when the events of 1923 unfold.