Digital Music Video: NewJeans enjoys memories of school, Love and Happy Moments With Friends

In the Ditto Music video, K-pop star NewJeans is seen back to school. Read a little more.

NewJeans, a south Korean girl group, has returned with Ditto Music Video today, which they’ve been playing a long time. The song is included in their first single album OMG, which was scheduled to open next year. Ditto premiered a pre-release single on December 19, 2022, for their upcoming album. The girl group’s owned by Hybe Entertainment produces music for other bands like BTS, ENHYPEN, Tomorrow, and Together, etc.

Ditto Side A and Ditto Side B are two music videos that are similar to the two new tracks. Both videos are similar, but Side A is a longer version with an introduction that gives us a deeper look at what the song does. In a few minutes we learn how the girls dance and lead a carefree life. One of the teens seen from the start is already working with her classmates. Unlike the main song, Side B consists of a phrase, which won’t introduce itself.

Wooseok Shin teaches the music video; and Min Hee-jin produces the track.

Music videos aren’t done yet.

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A young woman can also see the music video. She is only seen recording her friends and standing behind the camera. The members have an intricate choreography with the unique hook step about it being almost successful again. It has a sweet melody, and make everyone sing together.

The lyrics are about falling in love and expressing her feelings about her lack of money. It wonders whether or not a person loves her back and is ready to give her all his stuff. This is a romantic song that can be understood equally to people from every generation.

The girl group released an EP called “New Jeans”. Hype Boy became one of the most viral K-pop tracks in 2022, so fans and the industry were able to love it all. The newly debuted group achieved an unreachable success and has since become unstoppable.

The new track gets lots of attention and positive feedback. It reached nearly tenk unique listeners on Melon within the first two hours. The music video is already nearly 1 million views on Youtube. It became the fastest song for girls in the world to become the top 100 of Melon.

Watch video for a musical journal.

The new album, released by the girl group, is due to be released on January 2, 2023. Watch the video below for Ditto Side B.

Are you feeling excited about the return of the young people?

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