Does the switch-like Game cover Steam have something to fear?

Computer consolidated aren't the novelty imagined by Valve and materialized in Steam Deck. The new model was used for converting to integrate a segment which had been showing signs of a very bright future for quite a while. Hence its real merit was to democratize this sector with high-performance equipment and a [] [] key to the success of the project.

Computers are not a novelty imagined by Valve and materialized in Steam deck. The Model Mercedile encased a segment that had a very high future in a long time. The real merit was to be democraticized for this sector by high-performance equipment and reasonable prices. If it are that other alternatives are nearly 1,000 dollars, is that the new OneXPlayer 2?

The Nintendo Switch is the follow-on example of a telephony.

After the million units sold by Steam Deck, some brands that already had PC models consolidated They decided to strengthen their offer and one of the most interesting was that of this OneXPlayer 2 which has just been announced and which has much more powerful hardware than the Valve machine. Not only in terms of the raw power, it also relates to display and gaming options.

A feature from this model is one that makes Switch versatile. Not only will we be able to carry this armed with the controls on both sides of the screen, but also to unhook them from the OneXPlayer 2 so that they can connect them to a player that acts as an external playpad for the system. I adore OLED and the original Nintendo console.

It’s possible to play in a single machine, especially if you do multiple games as well. In case you prefer to play with him FIFA 23, you can enjoy these games with friends, of all the time, without having to connect another machine.

How much power and hardware are you and your friends?

But apart from that feature they added to this PC consolidatedif we look at its technical specifications, we realize they represent a a before and after compared to Steam deck, since increases the screen size to 8.4 inches and increases the resolution beyond the 720p of Valves machine. This OneXPlayer 2 is capable of handling a 5.560 square pixels display. A true history.

The processor in this game is a AMD Ryzen 7 6800U, with Radeon 680M graphics card, 16 or 32 GB RAM with 512 GB and 1 or 2TB storage. Obviously it has Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5, microSD card support, Harman speakers and a white and black version of this. Of course, the manufacturer hasn’t given any data on battery life except for reminding us that we can use a 50 per cent charging speed in 40 minutes of connected power.

This OneXPlayer 2 is in the presale phase via Indiegogo and on December 20th, we can order ours anywhere, in any of the available configurations. Of course the delivery dates are scheduled for April 2023, when first units are beginning to come to all the buyers. And so, it’s a question of the price; it is speculated that the basic model will cost 900 dollars and all the other things will get there.

So yes, we have more power than the steam deck, but at a significantly higher price. Is it good or bad?