Door 19 opened with the Rockstar Games & Grand Theft Auto-Flug pack and many more

A lot of awards are hidden each day in the upcoming XboxDynasty Advent calendar 2022. Read what you have to do today and share the door with your friends. The XboxDynasty advent calendar is full of games and great prizes we can win all day. You have the opportunity to win a lot of prizes every day.

A huge prize is hidden every day in the XboxDynasty Advent Calendar 2022. Check out what’s going to be ready today and share the door with friends.

In the XboxDynasty advent calendar, there are lots of games and great prizes we raffle every day among all participants.

Today there’s a free Rockstar Games & Grand Theft Auto Fan Pack available. This package is full of limited prizes, which you can check out here:

Moreover, you can win an Xbox 360 powered powered drive, Seagate Halo Infinite 2TB, a gaming console worth around a hundred dollars.

The external drive is powered by USB 3.2 Gen 1 (USB 3:0). For Xbox, the Game Drive requires no additional power cables, so it’s possible for gamers to play from anywhere.

You can start by using external storage in less than two minutes via Xbox OS.

HDD halo data carriers, with fewer than two terabytes of memory, have a real eye-catcher in the exclusive halo look with LED LED lighting.

XboxDynasty Advent Calendar.

  • The Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto Fan Pack.
    • Rockstar Games bag.
    • Pisswasser Pils’ beer glass glass.
    • Snapmat t-shirt’s out of his way.
    • Merryweather coffee mug.
    • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Official Soundtrack Box.
    • Grand Theft Auto V The Official Soundtrack Box.
    • The Final Fantasy, by the Slash of Liberty, by the Sault of Angels.
    • The tense Grand Auto (Venegro).
    • Theft Auto vice-pole Cocktail Stick.
    • I love LIVING.
    • Grand Theft Auto V Keyring.
    • The Grand Theft Auto Lanyard.
  • Seagate Halo-HD drives 2TB.

The XboxDynasty Advent Calendar is a weekly contest.

Time: Every day, it’s time to open a door to the advent calendar.

A message: All winners receive a certificate of their prize by private means.

We’ll immediately exclude anyone who spams their account from the draw, and block it if necessary.

As with all sweepstakes, general rules apply.

If you want to continue supporting us in the future, leave a Follow on our channels and share this little door with your friends.

It will all take a while, so long as the weather goes on. This calendar is ours thanks for your support and trust in us.

You’ll also get a rare Fallout Pip-Boy Edition that is strictly limited. Click here for the raffle.

But that’s not all, because – until December 24, 2022, you could win a Gotham Knights Collector’s Edition worth 399.99 dollars – you could also win a Gotham Knights Collector’s Edition. Click here for a raffle.

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