Exclusive Trailer “Paths of Bigfoot: Last Frontier!”

ComingSoon is excited to release the Docudrama on the Trail of Bigfoot - Last Frontier trailer for Small Town Monsters. The article, starting in April, focuses on Alaskan sasquatch lore and starts with in-depth interviews with locals, as well as a heavily populated indigenous people. He is coming in on the big big screen.

The map has an abundance of topics that are important for Alaskan sasquatch lore and includes in-depth interviews with locals, and intense research is being commissioned by the Native people that became home to this area. It is going to debut on major streaming platforms on January 17, 2023, from 1091 Pictures, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and FandangoNOW.

It may not seem that Alaska is the ideal destination to search for Bigfoot. The quarry, with its winding temperatures, hardly navigated environment and endless acres of wild lands, would perfectly fit into the ape-like analogy. However, despite all that it has been doing against it, Alaska appears to be home to the hairy hominid. Hundreds of eyewitness reports, many intriguing footprints, audio samples and even video, show the creature known as Sasquatch is well at home in the midnight sun.

Check out the trailer, “Hads on Bigfoot: Last Frontier” below.

The film will include audio evidence which includes the recording, although eerie, which look like a baby can be seen crying deep in the remote coastal region of Alaska. The report shows how the dog and the tree are wrenched, behes, and the wolf, and other words, these recordings add to the narrative of the song.