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There are a lot of excellent German movies on all major platforms, from movies and comedy to comedies and war movies. The rich cinematography has become widely popular over the last several years. It was a notable player in directing and producing excellent movies, and has a reputation for good quality production. Watch out for five of the best German movies of the year!

There are lots of good German movies in all major stages, from thrillers to comedies and war movies. It is a rich cinematography that has been influential to many other people all the time, with its exceptional directory and role and a good selection of topics. Amazon Prime has done a great job with its German films selection. Here we have rated 10 favorites.

Head-On (Gegen die Wand, 2004)

What about this story: A 21-year-old Sibel wants to satisfy her traditional parents but eagerly loves his young future. She’s retaliating and she ends up in a hospital where she is given a sham at the 40-year-old Cahit who wouldn’t like to talk about Turkey. They befriend each other and soon become friends, even though it wasn’t the plan for the beginning.

Why you should watch this movie? This is the famous Fatih Akin movie, so you shouldn’t miss it. This film, produced by German-Turk, is in both Germany and Turkey, and will introduce you to the cultural and traditions that Turkish youngsters should obey.

The Edge of Heaven (Andrea, 2007)

What happened: This is a more beautiful movie by Fatih Akin, second of his trilogy Liebe, Tod und Teufel, with Gegen die Wand being its first part. It’s a very complex story about the Turkish man who goes to Istanbul to discover his ex-girlfriend’s daughter and meet her fathers.

Why you should watch this: Again, Akin has written a brilliant story with excellent casting. With this second part of a well-known trilogy, he has fascinated us on Turkish politics, which he presents in a detailed and personal perspective.

Heidi (2015).

What’s it like. This is another beautiful adaptation from the most beloved childrens’ books of the world, Heidi, written by John Spyri. It tells the story of an orphan girl aged eight who goes to the Swiss mountains for a living with his grandfather. After a while, the aunt who gave her away to her grandad returns to Frankfurt to befriend Klara, a woman in a wheelchair, and keep her company. At first, a little unhappy with that situation, Heidi slowly begins to accept her new way of life.

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Why you should watch it: It’s a true gem of a film. Though you haven’t read or seen any episode like this, enjoy this stunning film about a brave little girl who needs to find the home she belongs to. It’s an excellent choice for a family day, too.

The People of Others (Die Leben der Anderen, 2006).

What is that wonderful drama about: The film is set in 1984, and follows the sandwich officer and the german police. He knows a lot more about people around him and orders surveillance. He begins to listen and swindle before going to help him. But he gets in too deep and gets involved too quickly. The unbelievable will happen.

What you should watch: The movie will not let you rest, it isn’t going to keep you from getting hurt. It is known for having an unforgettable ending, and it will definitely be discussed long after you’ve seen it. This is one of the greatest and most talked about German movies in the last 15 years. It’s impulsive, emotional and shocking.

The wave (The Welle, 2008)

What are its attributes: Rainer Wenger is very popular among the students but also unorthodox, and his new job is to teach the students autocracy. Almost hearted at first, he becomes more engaged with his project after seeing his interest and wants from his students. They should be more in the self-regule. As soon as the assignment starts to look exactly like the events from Germany’s past, making things extremely weird and forcing everyone to ask themselves whether everything has gone too far.

The disturbing and baffling German drama thriller is a perfect example of what people can do when given power. It is a wise choice if you like something more different, unique and original, and it is definitely one of the greatest films in German cinematography.

Balloon (Ballon, 2018).

What is the story: This mystery thriller comes in 1979 in East Germany. Where one can see two families fleeing from East to West Germany in their self-made hot-air balloon? But they didn’t abandon themselves and are not going to attempt again, but this time the East German State Police is trying to chase them and put them down.

Why do you watch it? A story about bravery, hope and peoples struggle to save their lives in the hardest times. This movie is intense and exciting, and heartwarming, and heartwarming, and it is just like a choice for you to put on a new story with this dark part of German history.

Downfall (Untergang, 2004)

What is its story about this movie: The last day of the nazi bomb, told by his final secretary. He confesses to his Berlin bunker at the end of the second half of WWII. There are a few more perspectives from various characters who will face us with Hitler we hadn’t had a chance to see before.

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Why should you watch it? This is one of the best German films, and it was nominated for the best Foreign Language Films Award. Although it has not won the prize, it’s still one of the most famous European movies from 2000. It was described and viewed as a very controversial revelation of Hitler’s human side, but still gained popularity and gained praise from his predecessor.

Who Am I (Kein System is safe, 2014)?

What happens: This crime drama was very good about Benjamin, a young person who carries life without sight and eyes. Whenever he meets a charismatic guy named Max, he has much more in common than anyone would tell him. Together with Max and his friends, Benjamin creates a hacking organization for the first time. And, when they come back to Europol on the list most wanted, Benjamin becomes a member of the world’s most wanted hackers.

Why should you watch this? If you don’t like a fast-paced action movie with two good thrillers and sci-fi moments, then it’s a big choice for you. It is an interesting film, with an intriguing storyline – well directed, with a very good ending that will confuse you, who want to figure out what happened…

Never See Me Where (Werk ohne Autor, 2018).

What to say about this film: This is a story of a young German artist named Kurt Barnet, an East German immigrant who still can’t keep his childhood and youth experiences under the Nazi regime. After he met and fell in love with Ellie, he’s sure that he was found to find love in his life, and soon became a character. He starts to paint all of the trauma that his generation had to endure.

Why you should watch this movie? It was the story of Gerhard Richter, his wife and his wife’s father in the story of all the terrible things that happened in Germany. That is very interesting, and well acted. If you want to learn more about German history, then this could be a good option for you.

Knockin on Heavens Door (1997).

What a beautiful story! Two young men meet at a hospital, who decide to give up their lives. Both are terminally ill but don’t want to greet death in their hospital bed. They decide to elope and live their final days. With their bucket lists on their minds, the charismatic and complicated Martin and the quiet and insecure Rudi embark on a journey that will give them purpose and make them cherish life’s biggest gifts. And with the most important thing, they will form a friendship that is very strong and meaningful.

Why do you have to watch this? A sad story, but tells with so much character and wit that sometimes we forget what was behind it. They’re very capable of supporting and transforming, and they’re making a difference. This movie is essential if you want to see an unforgettable story with lots of action, but with many laughs and even moments you’ll remember.