Fruit and vegetables in your green tea? Coffee for Japan, has a bold idea for the New Year yo’ll drink

Starbucks is already drinking for a meal.

Starbucks goes old school with the semi-secret ingredient in its latest matcha Frappuccino.

New Years are considered to be an official Japanese holiday. Unlike other parts of the world, the decorations and customs often depend on Japanese traditional culture, notably eating osechi and visiting a local temple or temple, especially when they are dressed in kimono.

If it weren’t to think that the New Years Frappuccino is in Japanese packaging, it was the case of a new year for Starbucks Japan, and the Japanese is very delicious. While you might believe that green tea played a huge role in the drink, you probably didn’t expect seaweed to be a part of it and as well.

The next day after Christmas, the Matcha Genmai Mochi Frappuccino goes on sale and yes, all of these marque items are a part of the dessert drink. It is made with three varieties of orange tea and genmaicha, giving bitterness, to play off the sweetness of milk, whipped cream, white chocolate powder, mousse with toasted mochi and matcha mousse. The kakushiaji, where things become very unique is, as a more subtle flavoring, almost-hidden flavoring is described in Japan, where the matcha Genmai Mochi Frappuccino is spice kuromame (sweet black beans) and ketmo.

Seaweed and sweets, for a nonexistent, sound like a bold combination, perhaps foolishly so. However, a small dish on kombu served alongside a dish of sweets in Japanese dessert cafes, where a salty palate cleanser helps sweeten the desserts. But Starbucks is probably looking for its best to replicate that effect or at least remind customers of the sensation.

As usual, the new Frappuccino is being followed by a latte of hot tea, the Matcha Genmai Mousse Tea Latte. Tea latte fans will also have a new choice in Japanese Tea Latte. A Japanese version of The Indian masalachai, this is a hot hojicha latte, seasoned with yuzu citrus and mandarin peel, ginger and sansho (Japanese pepper).

Prices start at 650 yen (£4.90) for a tall Matcha Genmai Mochi Frappuccino, 540 yen for a tall Matcha Genmai Mousse Latte and 501 yen for a tall Japanese Chai Tea Latte. All three are on sale from the 26th December to the 17th of January or as soon as the rest of the supplies have been done.

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