How many years will PS5 last long? Sony assures 2023 will be an important year for PlayStation

PlayStation 5 2023 could be the year of PlayStation 5 dwindling. A revised Sony console has been circulating for several months. The Japanese company could bring it to stores next year, and with the availability of a stock-assisted, update to design and who knows if the future is the biggest technical improvement. The latest rumors [] come from [emphasis].

2023 may be the year of the hottest PlayStation 4. The Rumor of a revision of the new Sony console has ringed for months and the Japanese company could bring the new model, with stock permitting, and its update. Who knows if the future may come along with a small technical improvement?

According to some new reports, Game store translators translated a interview of Famitsu, that said, and portrayed a senior vice president of Sony, Hideaki Nishino.

During their meeting, Japan assured them that 2023 will be a very important year for PlayStation and more specifically for PS5. It’s going to be a very important moment for the platform. He told Famitsu that I cann’t give the specifics right away.

According to GamingBolt magazine, and given the information published by Forbes a few months ago, the last quarter of 2023 would be the platform for Sony to launch its new playstation 5 model. Watch out for the announcements the company made in the first half of the year regarding new hardware.