I am a fan of vintage? Microsoft files an application for a remake of classic games

Microsoft has changed its reputation for its classic games and filed a patent for a system that will perform some optimizations in these types of productions when played in the cloud. More details of the improvements still are not released yet, but overall the foreseeable future of keeping these titles [] is, too, expected.

Microsoft was a hotspot when it came to improving its classic games. Now, Microsoft filed a patent for a system that will make certain performance improvements in this kind of production when played in the cloud. The detail of the improvements has yet to be released, but overall, this title will be more reliable and many of these games won’t require remasters oh redone.

In the past few years, Microsoft has focused on preserving games by creating a system that is theoretically capable of assisting this process.

Microsoft still is betting on the promotion of video games.

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The original Xbox is, strangely enough, the most valuable history that a computer can protect from the latest consoles which Microsoft has brought to market, but the story is different on the PC. Since 1979 Redmond launched Microsofts Adventure, one of the first pure PC game productions enticing, of course, some other platforms such as the Commodore 64, Amiga, MSX etc.

In terms of Microsoft’s patent, it’s described as a benefit of cloud-based distribution that interacts in real time with a game and acts as an immediate improvement. First, these affect the performance of an older set, for example PC-like titles that can’t run good at all on modern hardware. Microsofts system could avoid use of patching and other unconventional solutions and continue to like the great classics. Well see how it is evolving.

In this video game, the translator and localizer are passionate about retro- and mobile games. Since he was given an Atari 2600, he has never let go of a controller.