If you want to buy another AirTag, the best (and only) advice that I would give you is that you should buy this

It's not easy to have one. The AirTag is one of those Apple products that, with no doubt on the fraud, the users end up having plenty of money thanks to its huge usefulness. Apple doesn't guarantee it'll work in dozens of places to put it. A user even uses it where it's supposed to work. If this is your case, [a] thing could be done.

It isn’t easy to have one. The AirTag is one of the Apple products, which are unwindable because of its tremendous usefulness. Apple doesn’t guarantee that it’ll work. There are dozens of places to put it. Users even use it where Apple doesn’t guarantee that it’ll work.

If you need to have a AirTag, here are some tips to look into. Because yes, every AirTag has its identifier and can be labeled as a fit-fit, but they are still in the same situation at first glance. And Apple brings you the perfect solution for this problem.

Each Air Tag is engraved with its engraving.

If you find multiple AirTags, just organize them, or change them in order to keep the stack of some of them on the same page, so you don’t get lost, so you have to use the Search app to tell them apart. The solution: add the engraving.

Apple offers the service for free when you buy the AirTags through its official website, as well as adding text and/or emojis to them. You can register one or two AirTags with different content.

You can’t tell any AirTag by the naked eye in any way, avoiding the common sense. Another option is that you can use AirTags for a little longer time to get them home or in an Apple store, without engraving you can easily get them by himself.

Remember that you can not configure maximum 16 AirTags in each Apple account, so you should not get too ambitious to make a collection. Even if you reach this amount, having each AirTag with its individual engraving isn’t a bad idea.