It smells like an insane fine for microtransactions

The ax that has fallen for Fortnite and Epic Games is being sentenced to a simple insane fine. The lawsuit was started in 2019, but it has already been rejected by Epic Games and was recently rejected. The dispute escalated into a long debate between the Epic Games and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), which ended in a very long time.

The ax that has fallen for Fortnite and Epic Games is being fined to just pay a stupid fine.

After the lawsuit began in 2019, the lawsuit against Epic Games has been pending for a long time and has only recently been accepted. The meeting ended in an agreement between Epic Games and the FTC.

Fortnite accused of abusing its recent users.

On the main routes, for nearly 16 days has been accused of urging young users to buy and having an intentionally inconsistent user interface to discourage unwanted transactions. As a bonus, Epic Games criticized this game for putting young gamers at risk, such as by creating an app that allows them to connect to text, voice chats without their consent. According to the FTCShe would’ve done many harm like harassment, verbal or sexual assault. Finally, the FTC condemns Epic for using the personal information of very young users for the purpose of knowingly using it without permission of a parent. This is usually requested here. Fortnite is in severe trouble, and now Epic must make an arrest for its actions. What he agreed to do.

After several days of debate, the penalty for the industry giant finally fell, and Epic Games must pay a fine of 520 million dollars. Yes, half a billion dollars will be used to fund the player’s refunds of $275 million, which are being dealt with by the FTC someday later. It is extremely pleased that American Commission has accomplished the most necessary feat, because this agreement is the largest he has ever been recorded. It is also necessary to say that there were many complaints.

Epic Games Respond to the Microtransactions response.

Epic Games shared a press release, to take an inventory of these two points and clarify them. The giant says he has accepted the FTC Agreement and set a standard for the rest of the industry and intends to expand some of its methods to a new level. The first amendment should arrive soon, too.

No developer creates a game in an effort to get started. The laws written for decades aren’t necessary to set the rules for game octopus. The laws haven’t changed, but their application has been used and long-standing business practices are no longer sufficient. I sign this agreement because we want Epic to be the forefront of consumer protection and provide the best product for our players. Saving default payments is common practice for gamers, so players don’t have to re-enter their details every time they buy. We agreed to change this practice with the FTC, so we offer an explicit yes or no option for the recording of payment information. Clicking a button for a quick buy is one of the most used online purchasing methods. Even the players can be paid for something they had no intention of paying for. We updated our payment method and changed our options by which we will give the player confirmation before making a purchase. This is a measure that is necessary to avoid accidental purchases. Similarly, you can cancel immediately and on return for the same day.

as a protection of minors.

Epic Games denied some allegations made by the FTC, particularly in regards to the use of personal data and the protection of young players, but reiterated that there is still a lot of work to be done on this side. He explains that he has already implemented numerous parental control options and a number of protection settings Fourteen days.

Young players that love a lot of popular games always find ways to play them. Developers must proactively create a world of age appropriate way for players to enjoy their games. Our new series of Epic accounts lets young gamers get a customized, secure and inclusive experience. Players under the age of 13 can play Fortnite but must earn their consent from their parents. The game is custom-created where users are disabled from all of the available features, such as chat and purchases. In September, players under 18 adopted low-level protection measures. And players under 16 also have a censorship filter via text chat.

The old status quo in the games of the trade and the private data has changed, and it should be reconsidered for a lot of developers practices. We firmly say that the FTC is incompatible with the principles that abide by the principles of fairness, transparency and privacy, and the practices that the FTCs complaints relate to are inconsistent with Fortnite’s operations. And be honest about what players expect to receive when shopping, make sure that cancellations and refunds are easy and that safeguards don’t harm our ecosystem.

The condemnation (or approval depending on your point of view) of Epic Games should be a model for the rest of the industry and may even impact other games in the medium or long term. It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to take a break or to at least become fully transparent. Although it isn’t the first time that a game caused a scandal because it was considered too late or cheated. We still remember the catastrophic launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and its loot boxes, or plus recently the controversies surrounding Diablo Immortal and, in a lesser degree, Overwatch 2. As soon as the law, the FTC, or another organization stopped the drafting of this theme theme a lot, players can only take it anymore and are becoming less and less tolerant of that type of content. While the transfer to the season has never been so popular, it’s not easy. So maybe a middle means would be found.