Megan Thee Stalons Aren’t in trial, but Misogynoir is in trial

This led to a letter open from the Southern Black Girls and Womens Consortium to publish a letter open for Megan and denouncement of violence against women.

Add it to the warning: Mentions of suicide, violence against intimate partners and misogynoir.

Tory Lanez is on trial for three counts in connection with the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion on the night of July 12, 2020. The artist was in deportations by the notorious Los Angeles County court for crimes, as well as the police’s alleged crimes by the Metropolitan Court, while Megan was one of the victims of violence, and as such her just witness to many of the artists, and then a spread of misinformation and disinformation on social media.

Let’s start with the fact that this is all straight-up misogynoir (misogyny towards black women/femmes, especially but not exclusively by black men). From her love for anime to her expression of femininity, people hated their ability to control Megan. Because more of the time they feel to empowered women, people put her down, and instead of finding anything really worth considering or leaving the conversation. At the time, this was just slut-shaming her and continuing to downplay the gun that took place in 2020.

Even black women aren’t victims in society. They can’t be. They are the warbreakers. They’re the problem. She must’ve done SOMETHING so that she can’t get shot. She is just lying straight away. & They can’t fathom black people being abused. It’s all rooted in misogynoir.

niggitivity (@simplybrj) December 14, 2022

Since the day she was shot at, Megan has been charged and joked – at her expense by those in entertainment and online. When people didn’t believe that she was shot, they called her a liar even though there was video footage showing her bleeding. Because she shared medical images (which she didn’t need to have to) so public perception became apparent. If she did, she deserved it.

In weeks before the trial, Drake and 21 Savage joined the millions of other individuals (including Chrissy Teigen, LeBron James, and others) who downplayed this act of violence and/or lied to her. This inspired a letter to the Southern Black Girls and Womens Consortium that would cover Megan and denounce the violence against women.

The real effects of this smear are what is actually said by the euthanasia.

I can’t be happy. I can’t remember people for a long time. I don’t feel like I’d like to be on this earth. If I knew that I would have had to deal with this torture, he would have just shot and killed me.

Megan on the first day off the stand.

There have been more evidence since the summer of 2020 (such as gun residue on Lanez and Kelsey Harris), which corroborate what Megan has said since the beginning. Now, blogs and misogynists say that she was shot on the number of men she slept with. This is in line with Lanez’s argument, claiming that Harris killed Megan in jealous rage. The rapper is trying to blame Megs for his shooting as a spat between two angry Black women about him.

After all that, if Megan wanted to quit the industry, I would still understand. It’s like a frightening ring with this rapper all day. Hip hop community has done his dirty.

Wii-Yum (@Mr.

The hate against Megan and the need to vilify a black woman has real consequences for Black women. Intimate partner violence plagues every community – a huge part of it. In an investigation found that in 90 percent of Black women’s murders, in single victim/single offender incidents (where an offender is a person) they knew the killers. Of those women, 61% were murdered by a significant other (ex or actual), and 90% of those crimes were committed by Blackmen (the key to the story of a story such as that is because intimate partner violence is the case of a crime).

Megan and others watching the smear against her in real-time understand how these things are connected. That’s why Megan has worked with New York Times and others in her Protect Black Women campaign. Many online are opening up on how Megan attacks mirror their own experiences. The case was broken up by Stephanie (from Wine N Chill) who broke up with this case and made it clear to her friend Courtney. In 2021, he was murdered by his partner, Stephanie and Courtney.

How would Megan make XYZ?

People attack me that yall go for it, i defend myself now Im doing so every time it never ends and this didn’t happen until I came out to say I got shot yall fuck OK cool fuck it bye.

TINA SNOW (@theistallion) November 4, 2022.

The most widely attacked Megan, there was a question: What does it’s really worth it to do with anything? What if Megan slept with all the men and more, as much as her is now? What if Megan was a transgender woman? What if she talked to Lanez or Kelsey about something meanie-bo-beanie? What does it have to do with Lanez shooting her twice in the foot? None of these permits the shots fired at her and reminds me the daily reminder that most people don’t know what black women are like.

If you are experiencing suicides, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a great resource: 988 (the new number). Also, please text the text line 741-741 here on the Crisis. See, as well.

(featured image: 300 Entertainment, Megan Thee Stallion)