Most famous games of 2022: Jahans Best 5 of 2022 best games

2022 almost became the year of the year that set the course for 2023. Some of the biggest IPs made their final swansongs for the latest generation of hardware. Yes, there are still no replacement systems, but the industry needs to move away at some point. In consequence, we’ve seen an increase in titles exclusive to PS5 and Series X|S, despite the fact that the install base of PS4 is still too good to pass up for many games developers.

Of course, some of the things we saw in 2022 will probably change the way we interact with other players for at least another decade. The open-zone shenanigans of Sonic Frontiers will finally take the franchise into the future with a new audience. While the soulslike clones will always be around, Elden Ring will remain an untouchable standard bearer, even though rivals like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be formidable in their own right.

I played 5 times in 2022, regardless.


JPGs waste time. Go for more.

The latest Metal Max goes from 10 hours to ten hours. The funny owl that doesn’t stop talking, it leaves no doubt that anyone who wants to get right into business needs fresh air. It is a post-apocalyptic world. There’s giant ants and a tank fully customizable; but need I say it more? A legend might belong to one of the finest of the genre; however, the best of the game is to use the top he could for that matter, the best is to have an effect.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land were given to the Forgotten Land.

It’s sad to know that Nintendo has overshadowed Kirby’s first 3D outing. It’s bad enough that the games publisher overshadowed it, but there’s also a lot of other big releases in 2022.

If it fell under your radar, you wouldn’t let it roll. Kirby and the Forgotten Land are all the same as any Big Ns platformer classics. The signature gameplay is perfect for an engaging 3D adventure. Therefore, big adventures like Kirbys will be more productive with your ability to play catch-up over holiday season.

Pocky & Rocky Rehrined

Remakes of classics are my favorite games to play. This is mainly a rare and forgotten classic.

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined is a badass retro gaming experience, featuring a few of the best sprites used for modern 2D gaming. It is fun, chaotic, and challenging, with many reasons to come back. Even as the release of major games has passed, the majority of us finish one game and pass, but when time passes, games like the Pikka and Rocky get more fun.

The King of the Fighters.

Guilty Gear -Strive- and its next major season, Street Fighter 6, and Tekken 8 are coming. But the next event, where the King of Fighters is going to be 2023, could be interesting. But now, the last team battler of the year was the best fighting game of the year.

From the unpredictable musical direction of the movie to the perfectly curated character roster, the franchise could not be in the modern era better. The game is great and rollback code provides excellent services, but it’s the biggest question for 2023. Regardless, this game is the best way to delve into the King of Fighters, a series that honors its past, but debating a path to a new era.

Sonic the Hedgehog will always be a polarizing franchise, but what can be said about Sonic Frontiers is that whatever it thought would be worth doing works.

A future where Sonic game is 20-hour epic is a pretty wild idea and I don’t know if I’ll stick around for what happened, but if ever, I can tell of that the excitement of engaging with the Open Zone design at my whim fumble, while still enjoying some bite-sized action scenes engrossed me. You have to ask us, when will the battle take off?