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There's an interesting story in the Episode 8 of Moving In With Malaika. Read on to find out.

Moving Together with MalaikaEpisode 8 premiered on December 1922 with an opening time of 27 minutes. The new reality show will focus on actress, model, dancer and VJ Malaika Arora. The show, created by Malaika and Banijay Asia, will take us to the exclusive and updated look at the lives of Indian celebrity.

She was famous for her appearance in the famous Bollywood song Chaiyyan Chaiyyan from the film Dil Se.. along with Shah Rukh Khan. She has been in the public eye since and her divorce from Arbaaz Khan, the brother of Salmaan Khan, is among the most talked about areas of town. She was a victim of internet trolls, following his girlfriend’s news with Arjun Kapoor.

Moreover, she’s decided to make it possible and create a show to show her true self.

The movie’s descriptions in the Disney Stars show were: “Two stars, and it looks like the show’s in full color.”


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Moving In With Malaika Episode 8, Homecoming: Taking on an American Express!

In this episode, Al-Ahoran Khan appeared for a long time. His mother, which also included the Malaikas mother, arranged the meeting in her house. Later in the episode, Arora, Malaikas sister, joined, too.

This was the lunch date for everyone who started to share their lives. Arhaan is busy at exploring the world and often forgets to leave his family connected, which is his mother’s major concern. He says nothing of the matter. She always attempts to convince him to stay in contact at least once daily.

From Moving In with Malaika episode 8 Is Everything Still Happening.

The afternoon has been very long when a different viewpoint from Amrita and Malaika is suddenly starting to blossom. They remained calm and composed in the ordeal, but all were being raised one by one, making it the same again a misunderstanding for the siblings. The sky begins to get bigger, and Amrita explodes.

Amrita has forgotten what she has done for the very long time, creating a tiff between sisters. The audience is also coming to see the family dynamics of Arora/Khan. This provides a deeper picture of how confrontations and conflicts are dealt with in the family. The episode did not appear to be an original one of the others, and didn’t seem to be scripted.

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Moving in With the Malaika series, Final Thoughts: Final Thoughts.

The episode referred to many problematic things, which forced me to laugh. Malaika made abusive remarks at the lunch break, and it was thought that she was offended by it. When Amrita began to applaud the fatphobic jokes made by Malaika regarding her during the stand-up comedy, her feelings were completely ignored. It is important for creators, especially celebrities who are strong influencers, to keep an eye on what they talk on a public platform, as it affects the audience.

Although this episode was painfully painful, the difference in both of those episodes was very good. The conversations and emotions remained unfiltered to give the audience an insight into the real world of the celebrities. The audience will also learn about Arhaan and know how that young adult is dealing with his life and the parents’ divorce.

From Moving In With Malaika Episode 8 still to moving in.

The Moving In With Malaika episode 8 is streaming in Disney+ Hotstar.

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