My favorite game by Maurice Webers is alive

Duelyst is back! Whether that statement is correct or indifferent, Duelyst is a digital telegraph-based tactic game that was discontinued in 2017 due to lack of interest. So, under the name Duelyst 2, the game goes back remarkably quickly, with the free2 play model coming back on Steam and that [] [] game finally comes back on the road.

Duelyst has been back! Since the company discontinued a second-year marketing campaign, Duelyst is a unique strategy game that has been refined for a long time now.

Now, the game is the earliest of the game, with Free2Play model returning on Steam and its relaunch. This is the king of gameStar and Twitch prince Maurice Weber who celebrates the birth of Duelyst on Twitter.

That will be my life’s best chance, but I don’t think so. My digital poker game is back on Steam, but the games have gone on, right?

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I think he’ll explain to you on GameStar TV (with GameStar Plus), why Maurice has been taking a new professional path since the summer of 2022, and why he’s on Twitch every day instead of on



Maurice becomes a streamer. Thats why there’s now more Maurice than ever before.

With a bit of a surprise, Maurice was quite impressed when he was able to start studying Duelyst. Maurice wrote his tidie, before calling on the initial launch in 2016.

Duelyst mixes sophisticated turn-based tactics with card-picking. An excellent alternative to the classic card game board, Hearthstone or Elder Scrolls, is an ancient ancient legend.

Duelyst 2 largely retains the basic principles of original: With the combination of finished deck and randomly drawn cards, your small army is in a battle against other monsters.

In addition to the success of two, one and one, the combination of minions, artifacts and magic spells in two different factions will mean a thousand of possible combinations and strategies.

The old developers aren’t involved, Incidentally, when Duelyst was scrapped. Now it is the turning point of the indie studio Dream Sloth Games, formed from Duelyst fans who didn’t want to let this project die.