New Google Lens enables the new doctor to interpret medical prescriptions

Google Lens has a new challenge for identifying the doctors handwriting. How many times have we gone home with the medical prescription without understanding it? The answer seems a little complicated, and it'll soon be announced, as well as a new feature for this constantly changing app. During an [] [[A] moment, an [[e] member of the team is involved.

Google Lens is the largest recognition and search tool of the Mountain Viewer’s giant, and has new challenges: understanding the handwriting of doctors. How many times did I get back home without the medication? Google seems to have a solution, and this app will have a feature that is expected to come out in the form of a feature.

The Mountain View giant contacted the public on Monday, bringing out a new tool to your visual recognition application. It’s going to help us understand those writings, but we cannot read because of calligraphy, such as doctor handwriting.

Say goodbye to illegal ordeals.

Google has released this announcement to the world within the last two hours. This tool is fabricated by AI, which works out on the difficult task of convert different handwritten texts to digital texts, especially those who aren’t understandable.

Google confirmed that collaborating with pharmacists to develop this feature, which will be implemented in Google Lens. He can now recognize the medical notes. All this was just accompanied by the demonstration that we left just below.

The collaboration with the pharmacists helped them to better understand these prescriptions that they, while incomprehensible, were dissed out of habit and took care of which drugs accompanied the others. In addition to the recipes that I made in compiled a decryption note, it was a little help.

This tool works just like any other tool in Google Lens. We have to use our mobile phone only to read the recipe. In the recommended demo, you can check how well the app recognizes text.

Google has said that there is still development to do, and there isn’t a date for this release. We don’t also know whether this will open up in Spanish a bit. This useful function will save a few things and it is due to it being a constant struggle for us to understand certain calligraphies.