One of the most criticized Macs in the United States was launched nine years ago

Happy birthday, trash Mac Pro. A large percentage of users rejected the Mac Pros design by the idea of trash. The company introduced a macpro model that received strong criticism from customers who persistent for a long time.

Happy birthday, trash the Mac Pro.

Many users define the Mac Pros design as trash.

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When Apple released a mac and a Mac Pro was 9 years ago, that was quite controversial and controversial. The company introduced a Mac Pro model, which received deep criticism from consumers who remained dissatisfied with the mac line a long time ago.

As with the new Mac Pro design even the next year known as the cheese grater, the mac pro 2013 was then described as trash, despite the obvious reasons.

The company had an ambitious ambition to design a curved and cylindrical design that was truly attractive, but unfortunately not surprising consumers. Try Apple!

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MacPro: 9 years since its launch in 2013?

Apple showed its redesigned Mac Pro in July 2013 at WWDC in June 2013. It eventually hit the market later, in December of that same year. For his announcement, Phil Schiller uttered one of the most famous phrase in Apple history; his mythical, I cant innovate, his ass. A phrase which was subsequently ended against him because many consumers and Apple users didn’t expect this type of design.

The 2013 Mac Pro performed double the previous generation, while taking up significantly less space thanks to its unrivalled thermal core. He has an Intel Xeon processor and a dual AMD FirePro GPU.

During Macrumors, they remembered the time, and indicating that curiously, now 5 years after its launch, Apple has apologized to its users in a meeting with several journalists. They anticipated the arrival of a fully redesigned Mac Pro with a modular design, a new iMac and an external monitor.

Phil Schillerduring this meeting apologized to Apple users in these terms:

The current Mac Pro, the way we said it many times, was thermally restrained and this deprived us of our ability to upgrade it. We apologize for inconveniences to consumers who wanted it and we asked the team to design something fantastic for the Mac Pro. future of consumers who wanted more expandability and more upgrades. You will have more of those needs.

Sometimes, without apparent reasons, products can end up being flops. Of course this isn’t a lot of negative. It’s totally opposite. The failure of the Mac Pro, in the case of that, ruined the Mac Pro 2022 and the immense performance of Apple Silicon processors.

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