Patents for personalized ads in games are filed under patent

Advertising and revenue become increasingly changing. We've been listening to publishers looking for new ways to monetize games with live ads for a while now. That patent by Microsoft has come from the same design. The patent in question seems to be a method of [] patenting.

People change and demand. We’ve been listening to the publishers that wanted to monetize games with live ads for a while. The new patent déposé by Microsoft (detected by playful) seems to tell us the same thing.

The patent in question isn’t a way of providing personalized content for a non-intrusive online gaming experience. According to the presentation, the method focuses on a location in the game to overlay content over the time period and to find content to display to the user. This means it identifies activities and inserts in-game advertisements. Everyone is personalized and runs with the game in real time.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Microsoft was working on an in-game advertising program for free titles, while it was claimed that similar plans were also in the works for Sony.

Of course, patents don’t necessarily indicate concrete plans, and are sometimes not only merely for protection but also for protection of ideas. If it weren’t to happen, the community would likely fall on it with a deluge of criticism.

Microsoft has confirmed the rapid increase of purchases and hardware in the near future, and its price for longer-term subscriptions, so it doesn’t seem inevitable. From the Xbox Space, it’s hoped that this advertising will not end up being imposed even though in theory it’s not intrusive.

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