Remake version 1.0.3 will help resolve some of the problems

The Forever Entertainment team update the recently released Front Mission 1st Remake to version 1.0.3 today. That game did not scratch at the start, so the new additions and fixes could help. It is a little tricky to see whether certain of Forever Entertainments recent releases are Panzer [] / this is why they are similar to that of many Panzer movies.

The Forever Entertainment team updated the newly released Front Mission 1st Remake to version 1.0.3 today. As soon as the game began, it wasn’t easy. Next time I put my name on this game, I’ll look forward to these new additions and fixes. It’s a little concerned that some recent releases, such as Panzer Dragoon and House of the Dead remake on Switch, must be fixed after running the games. My first post is just now available on Nintendo Switch.


  • The option to dodge speed is the best option.
  • Statically comparing before the battle, sees how it’s done in the last minute.
  • AI searches for another route if the target station is occupied by an ally (modern only).
  • DPAD navigation in the map scenario tiles by tile by tile.
  • Select a red square to identify the targets, then give the map a clear answer to your enemies.
  • Save the board after completing the campaign (without deleting the autosave)
  • Characteristical destruction of the Arena-led action when the body is destroyed.
  • Thank you for going shopping at the store.
  • Mic shots are used when they’re firing.


  • The characters in Katakana and hiragana are now available when someone names them.
  • One can’t ever go from map to combat.
  • Wanzer jumping animation has improved.
  • CHAFF is consistently hitting, and the defender doesn’t perform fullback animations.
  • Better music looping.
  • The music pauses before the fight and resumes after the fight.
  • Even when attacking all body machines, DUEL and GUIDE skills aren’t shown.
  • Changed the change in menu from Y to B.
  • Audio ambivalence improvement in the workshop.
  • After an arena battle, the player gets back to scouts in the final fight.


  • Incorrect placement of text MISS and GUARD in the arena can cause an attack afar.
  • Bugs with low GUARD, which can be checked when equipped with missile launcher.
  • USN-10 scenario bug (cannot complete mission if all enemies are killed before the third round).
  • Using your sizing to measure errors in the workshop (wrong item purchased after sorting)
  • Enemies can’t stop attacking with destroyed weapons.
  • Enemies will attack with only one hand destroyed.
  • DoUBLE and SWITCH skills soften the game a bit.
  • If you can not buy a small weapon, you can take it to store.
  • Bug when rockets or bullets pass through the ground.
  • When using an ACID item, the shoulder weapon and shield didn’t cause the damage.
  • In case of mistaken shoulder weapon type, the settings are automatically canceled after shield placement.
  • Other small bugs have been noticed.

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