RRR Director: We’re really working on the scene for the movie Seryopio

The latest RRR sequel has been spoken about in the last few months despite the original's explosive success. And now director S.S. Rajamouli has updated the unofficial titled follow-up RRR 2. Rajamouli told Variety that Vijayendra Prasad (and his father) is really working on the story for the sequel.

It was reported that the r&r sequel has already been talking about a lot of time for the last few months following the originals explosive success. So now director S.S. Rajamouli gave another update on the unofficial post-record RRR 2.

Rajamouli told Variety that actor Vijayendra Prasad is working in the upcoming sequel with the swag. I had no idea that Bheem and Raju would go back, but it was said that he was happy to write this story.

According to Rajamouli, that sequel was planned off, but RRR’s international success made a second film an alluring thought.

Rajamouli said we had no idea about a sequel when we were making it. After the success of the campaign, we got a bit of debate and threw out some good ideas, but we didn’t feel there was a really great idea worth pursuing, so we left it to that side. Then after the international success, the cousin of my core team, who is a member of my team, gave an idea that we felt like: Thank you God, that is a great idea. This is the suggestion I might pursue.

Rajamouli told Prasad to write up a draft then sit on it and then immediately expand the idea.

He’s making this a serious job, said Rajamouli. But once this script is finished, we look at how we can make it, how to do it and how to make it on the screen.

Rajamouli and Prasad have scolded a sequel to the RRR. Rajamouli told Variety in November that a second remuneration was in early development. Prasad said soon afterwards they had cracked the sequels premise, and he was hoping to finish the script by January 2023. He said that he writing a short script that stars the Indian actor Mahesh Babu in the same way that one of the films will make it to Africa.