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We're having a lot of fun and gifts at Christmas. So in spite of the common practice, it isn't less important for us, once more one week, to get free games. As usual every Monday, the platform allows us to explore one of the classic adventures...

Christmas is a time of joy and gifts. Because it’s a common practice, it’s not so significant that one more week, we can get a completely free game. Even if we have limited access to all the new games on the GOG platform every Monday, we will get a hold of the classic adventures right away. Our library of games is already expanding.

Since the deal usually lasts two or three days, you can head over to for those one-week clicks to expand your game list.

It’s very fun playing on GOG for a limited time.

The Directors Cut is a must-have if the writer is a dreadful writer.

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I always had my dream of archaeology; but by chance, I became obsessed with Egyptology. But I’m just a parakeet, and more importantly a jockey. Moreover, I love good stories. If you don’t see me studying, I’ll be playing with an arm with the controller and an adventure with the console.