That’s what the second-ever AC Open World for mobile phones looks like

Ubisoft only can't manage to leak. A few months ago there were already some involuntary releases Assassins Creed Miragenow which are gameplay scenes of mobile game Jade surfaced on the internet. Battle scenes, swags and the Great Wall of China are all there. This latest leak was reported on Reddit. The user, /u/dattuu, has posted [] []

Then there was the release of the Assassins Creed Miragenow game which started involuntary use on the internet. Battle scenes, shitscenes, climbing the Great Wall of China.

The latest leak has spread on Reddit. The user /u/dattuu posted a video on the subforum for Assassins Creed that he said he found on Facebook. It’s not available here but there are no other ones. Learn how to deal with leaked material in Heikos article.

A trailer for teasers is very excellent available, which you can watch here:


The first Assassin’s Creed with free character creation has only one catch.

We knew a lot but now we will.

Assassins Creed: Jade is a game for Android and iOS. During the three kingdoms of China, it is the year that the three kingdoms are mentioned in three (Certificate and the Kingdom) states. In contrast to the other components of the AC, we can build in Jade even our own character.

That series is the best one. In our view it is, you’ll find here.

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The most popular murderer has been the Crayon.

All 14 games are in the top five.

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In the leaked video, we see the protagonist at the top of the Great Wall during an attack by the Xiongnu horsemen. There’s a ladder, balancing, and finally fighting with swords as the attackers climb the wall, so there’s a cutscene.

What we can find out about that leak and what we can find in the news:

  • RPG like Valhalla: Jade seems to be more fond of the younger AC parts, and might have been an action play play again. As far as our character remains, the opponents are running in death bars like life in their heads.
  • A user interface: If yes, Jade is a fairly classic Assassin’s Creed. Again, there is a minimap in the upper right corner; quest markers show the direction of the next goal.
  • Touch operation: Attacks with swords and the like can easily be operated on the mobile phone with the touch screen and it doesn’t look too good for many people.

More attacks on the Assassins Creed projects are underway.

Even future AC games are not role-playing-focused like Valhalla, Odyssey and apparently Jade: The Next Assassins Creed is to come back to the earliest of the trilogy. Mirage looks promising in Fabianos’ eyes, but in addition to remind him of what Ubisoft is missing right now.

With Mirage, Red and Hexe there are a lot of other projects. These are the ones that are in the works, so find them in the article one below.

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Games 2023-2024 were announced.

What’s next for Assassins?

Do you like being spied on mobile? Do you think that the game will work as well on mobile as on the big screen? We’re even happy to tell you which upcoming part of the series you are particularly excited to be attending.