That three games with the platinum award are much reduced only for a very short time

Prices don't slip faster than Christmas. Just imagine that we just warbled that in a jar. When does a sale not take place because of the large number of gifts you're looking for, and if you don't have the time to buy some new games for the digital library, or at least if they have the time to really find some new games. So, for the end, [Sit] is [a] question.

Prices are never lower than Christmas time. Just imagine we just warbled this in an angelic voice. When is a sale better than one when a person was looking for a lot of presents or at least have enough time to do something new to buy for the library? You’ll never play them through, but it is important to be thankful for goodwill in this case.

We went on to the tack on the market once again and kept an eye on some very worthwhile candidates. Someday we would have seen a new release, but there’s still none available to get up on Christmas Eve or more if the future of anime is just not enough – but for a lot of cheaply made, ninjaky games.

Instead, you can find 3 great games that have just got at least 90 in the GameStar Test and are available only for days or hours.

Hunt: Showdown.

  • The series: Multiplayer | August 2019.
  • Reduce & Price: 60 percent; 16 instead of 40 dollars.
  • 92 – Our test reveals our results.
  • Offer available from November 19 at 7 and is valid until December 19 at 7 p.m.


Hunt: Showdown Fabian Siegismunds favorite shooter.

Hunt: Showdown is similar to the anti-call-of-duty scene. Where one is all about quick action, good triggering and wildcat reflexes, the other more about skillful tactics, atmosphere and mastering old-fashioned guns. “Showdown” is the role of a hunter who makes his way into the swamp and is confronted with all the dark horrors of the horror world.

But apart from zombies and demons, there is something far more frightening more human beings. Hunt isn’t just about getting the best loot and glory-boosting monsters. At the same time other hunters seek the reward for not attacking you a single player. So don’t you also have to take it hard if you don’t compete in co-op and do it better.

Besides, an event is running in Hunt that’s set the entire game map on fire. It sounds like a perfect Christmas dinner. But be able to be quick, the game can only be reduced for a few hours.

Here’s the offer: Hunt: Showdown bei Steam.

God of the war has brought glory.

  • Is there anything?
  • We offer a 40 percent discount; 30% cheaper than 50%.
  • 89, the judge’s exam is the first one.
  • There’s an offer that goes until the 22nd of December.


A new PC trailer shows first scenes from the PlayStation masterpiece.

For a long time, PC gamers had to take to the best of the gaming history, because Sony wanted them to be exclusive workhorses for the PlayStation. Despite this, the time is now when old exclusivities disappear each year and these masterpieces are translated into the computer. God of War is one of them. In the action-adventure, you’re, and the god of war Kratos, reach a beautiful Nordic landscape to scatter the ashes of his mothers on the highest peak with your son.

Hardly any other series succeeds resolving too hard to combine very personal stories and an epic that doesn’t matter more. God of War is a game that keeps you busy with your action-packed and dynamic battles or amazes you with its presentation, or allows you to feel very strong emotions with its story. We guarantee that at least once you get lost.

Here’s the offer: God of War on Steam.

Cities: Satellites

  • Construction strategy | March 2015!
  • Discount | 70 percent reduced | 8 dollars instead of 28 dollars.
  • 91, and the test, we took.
  • Offers are still valid until the 22nd of December.



By 800 hours later, Micha loves cities: skylines more than Stellaris.

I remember a few years ago thinking that a game like Cities: Skylines could significantly surpass a classic city like that. A city’s building fan hardly wastes a thought about city’s history today. Anyway, they’re so busy building an ideal metropolis in cities like Skyines!

You actually get everything you are wanting for as an aspiring architect and mayor. You plan to keep your cities clean, clean up your energy supplies, build business or residential areas and, e.g., keep your traffic close. It’s more fun, since Cities: Skylines simulates its city dwellers in a really understandable way and doesn’t just pretend real life to us.

So you can now buy very cheap one of the best building games of the last 10 years. Do not forget that Cities have, too, issued an extremely large number of DLCs. Most of these expansions are worthwhile but you can again win. In our night exam, you’ll find out which type of DLCs you should definitely take with you.

Here is the offer. Cities, with Steam!

Have you seen any other sports that are currently discounted and ought to certainly be played?

Table of Contents

  • Hunt: Showdown!
  • World War II was the god of war.
  • Cities: Coastal maps.