The Battle of Nordvik, new event in the Battlefield 2042

Con Battlefield 2042, and its season 3 already underway, the development team revealed today the latest event of the year – the Stakes for December 20, Battle of Nordvik. The Battle of Nordvik takes place over three weeks, beginning next Tuesday, 20th, 2012. Each week, you'll be able to learn unique gameplay stories.

The development team announced today the final event of the June 20, 2018, Battle of the u.s.

The Battle of Nordvik is going to take place for three weeks beginning on Tuesday, the following day of December 20. Each week, the game is unique and different, including the conquest raid in 32 v 32 players, focused on Fast ground warfare, the 16 v 16 variant of Conquest called punishment, and finally, the advancement in chaos, which will give more intensity than any other mode and if up to 128 players can play on PC and next-gen consoles.

Each week, you will be able to unlock rewards by obtaining games’ hand ribbons. Lastly, the store will offer free gifts that you can earn with these redeemable rewards, and two new ribbons to buy.

All the information for that event is available in her blog.

Battle of Northvik trailer.

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