The final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Physical Pre-Orders have Already Upon The Late Night Square Up They’re Late at Night

A few days after the Final Fantasy Games were ready for a virtual Western launch on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, but later, the normal physical edition and collectors’ anniversary edition were now up for grabs.

However, pre-order availability was initiated at approximately 1:00, Eastern Time, and the price is, uh, not so good, to put it mildly. To give a look at that anniversary edition, it is a $249, while the standard physical version is $749. Enough, while taking the cheapest way to take the Square Enix store shipping, the costs eclipsed $300 and $100 respectively.

Needless to say, Square Enix made the same mistake as the one who was in favour of pricing, pre-order timing and store exclusivity. Fired up, fans do not come, and they’re gladly happy. To be honest, when I looked at this Physical release, I thought of pre-ordering the Anniversary Edition, but the first quarter-a-large price points made me happy.

Unlike many other animals, despite the fact that they can restock their homes, they won’t certainly be excruciatingly limited, and even the store exclusivity won’t help. Well, at least they’re launching digitally. So that’s something.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series is currently available on mobile devices and Steam. More importantly, the games will launch in Spring 2023 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.