The first minute that went viral. A couple of interesting facts about the cult classic are written

The SERIES on December 19, 2022 at 8:15 am, Tom Cruise returned to his iconic role as the fighter pilot Maverick in Top Gun: Maverick. But did you know that the action star almost did not appear in Super Gun? Netzwelt has all these exciting facts. Maverick has finally come back. The sequel to Top Guns will be released.

19 December 2022 at eight o’clock.

Tom Cruise returned to his iconic role as a fighter pilot, Maverick. But did you know that the actor almost didn’t appear in the top gun? Netzwelt has the most exciting facts.

Maverick finally gets back. The sequel to the top gun is due out in the movie theaters in May. You can contact them on

Fewly anyone known Tom Cruise and Pete Maverick Mitchell, but thanks to Tony Scott, that’s only the beginning of the year. With victory, cool words and an original soundtrack, which still sticks in your head three decades later, Top Gun still has many fans today.

When the film’s sequel to the classic classic “Top Gun 2: Maverick” was announced, fans took out their dusty bomber jacket in the closet with pride.

But did you know Tom Cruise had to be convinced to play a top-gun game? Or that some scenes weren’t filmed until after the end of the production? There are also 15 fun facts about Gun of the past that you haven’t heard before.

Kilmer is rattled off the rage.

The antipathy between Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer isn’t fiction, the two actors hardly ever really warmed to each other. (Source:

Tom Iceman Kazansky, the main rival of Tom Cruise, was played by Val Kilmer, and who could have done it better? But actor had not chosen the role. Kilmer had to star in Top Gun due to a contractual obligation with the studio.

The actor is known today for impersonating real people, including celebrities such as Jim Morrison or Elvis Presley (true Romance). However, Iceman remains one of the most famous roles of his career. Kilmer reunites by a truce: Maverick.

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