The future owl is perfect for Aki! [Chainsaw man Manga Spoilers]

It's an enormable idea to see the future. But is Aki able to make it a large deal? And what happens if it doesn't matter? Aki is going to make his third Devil Contract in the anime, and we don't know much about the future Devil. How did that get captured? What else's keeping Read more.

Take a photo of Chainsaw Man Episode 3. Photo credit: MAPPA.

Is it amazing looking at the future? Could Aki make the most of it? And what about it, if it doesn’t matter?

Aki is near to make his third Devil Contract in the anime, and there is a lot of things we don’t know about the future Devil. How did it get captured?

What else are the things that keep him in that room? And who else is that secret in that warehouse? Who finally decided that Aki might contract with the Future Devil?

The Future Rules! All of the pics are written by the MAPPA.

Fear your future.

As far as we have seen the future Devil in episode 10, we have seen it with the Chainsaw Man opening! What is the Future Devil stronger than Fox Devil?

This is an easy thing to see a glimpse of the future in battles. And how much is the future going to cost?

Suppose Aki saw a way to defeat the Gun Devil. The point of being a bullet isn’t going to help him dodge a bullet.

The Future Devil is at least interesting. The Future Devil dances for a reason. Even the manga reader isn’t immune.

Is the future fool able to catch himself? What are the two other contractor’s prices?

Why didn’t Aki ask for more information before entering the room, and why didn’t he choose his own Devil? What we want the most, will we see?

Aki is the best big brother.

Aki may have undergone the most character development of Chainsaw Man. He starts to shit the Devil and the Fiends, either wanting to kill them or to use them as tools.

But eventually he began to have a friendship with Denji and Power. He hasn’t forgotten his original goal, but he won’t let his revenge define him.

We saw him during the battle with the eternity. When Power started to live with Aki and Denji, we were able to start the fight. After the attack on the Bat Devil, Meowy didn’t have to have to go to a vet.

He must not cook and clean for his housemates. Akis’ continued exposure to Denji and Power makes him more a good person.

Losing Himeno and learning about her made him a better person. Aki is willing to sacrifice his life to others, which is a double-edged sword.

Because of the way we can see the future, the sky is difficult to see. But we know how far Aki will go towards his goal.