The game Tom was never introduced to Nintendo

The Anime lovers have always welcomed video games that develop or create manga, series or films with open arms. The good Dragon Ball-Flying games, Digimon Survive, Jojos Bizarre Adventure, All Star Wars or Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Kepputan. Despite the fact that I hadn't ever had the chance of playing a game based on the animation, it was never possible.

Anime lovers always welcomed video games that make films such as anime, series or anime with open arms. You can find the fun of the Dragon Ball FighterZ games, Digimon Survive, Jojos Bizarre Adventure or Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Kepputan. Never had the opportunity to play a game based on the Studio Ghibli movies. Since there are no playable titles currently available from this company, the fusion has now been considered in the tenth tenth century.

Until now, the Studio Ghibli formaba parte de Tokuma Shoten built a video game for Nintendo consoles between 1985 and 1996 and also released anime-related titles. Some deliveries were excellent benchmarks in that sector, such as Yadamon: Wonderland Dream and Eternal Filena. The publisher was in favor of developing or publishing a video game for Super Nintendo of the popular anime My Neighbor Totoro. The company has never officially announced that title as it is now known. But 27 years later a former Tokuma artist, Itoh Shigeyuki shared on Twitter some photos of the launch of the game that showed Miyazaki.

In which he states that over 27 years ago, I drew from scratch, pixel by pixel, to introduce Hayao Miyazaki, a My Neighbor Totoro game. *for Tokuma Shoten Intermediate. There weren’t any decent scanners, so I had to stare at a photo book and draw some shots at the pictures. In contrast, colors are significantly less.

adventure game.

Although it seems that the artist knows nothing about the reason that this game was not greenlit, he did mention that the director never gave approval. To this day, the reasons why the director didn’t agree to the project or if Miyazaki rejected it by himself are unknown. As long as I was working on a computer, I felt good bleeding, and as a result of this, I watched an animation movie. Tokuma Shoten proposed a plan because he wanted to hire him, but unfortunately the directors ok didn’t appearAt the time when his Twitter account was full.

Unfortunately, the project never came to light. It wasn’t clear which game I had to play the Ivy’s, as it was no official game. After that, studio Ghibli consolidated itself into the film industry by filming like Howls Moving Castle, Spirited Away o Kikis: home deliveries. In addition, itoh Shigeyuki was able to work as a programr in the video game industry from the beginning of the 2000s. One of the most famous achievements of his career is the Metal Gear Solid event programmer. Likewise worked as director of Final Fantasy Tactics and design director of Star Ocean: First Departure.

At the moment, no more is known about that development, but we would love to see howl, Chihiro and Mononoke play in a playable title. Do you have a baby? Who’d you like to see in a video game?