The games that left Game Pass in December have been announced

Some of them arrive and others leave. Since the game takes a rotation, the original o-play means the new games are re-admitted each month and the other players continue playing in the large catalog. So we already know where the CD will be released by end of December? The nine titles are: Tropic 6 Scarlet Nexus secret neighbor Outer Wildlands The pedestrian []

Some are arriving and others are leaving.

A rotation of GamePass games makes it possible for new games to arrive on our yearly basis, and others leave the extensive catalog. So we know what you will expect from the catalog to be released in December? The nine titles are: “Stock” and “Thomas”

  • Aimmortals: The Vampire Wars!
  • Gorogoa
  • Embr
  • Iron Harvest (in PC)

If you’re in the middle of a game or want to start, don’t delay. This list doesn’t have any games available for January anymore.

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