The MCU’s Biggest Magic Users Ranked

Magic users have been in the gym for quite a while, so some may be comparable to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) in strength. Here are the top 12 best MCU magic-users, rated by strength.

The theme of magic is the focus of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. People get to see how powerful people can be. But there is still magic in the library. The first Doctor Strange film, released in 2016 was our biggest introduction to many magic users.

Out of Doctor Strange, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Frigga (Rene Russo) and Hela (Cate Blanchett) all have magic power. Marvel even snuck in one magic user from the TV series Runaways. Both Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight introduced a lot of cosmic magic and dark magic users. There are some strange characters that the people do not know how much they want to learn. Some magic users on this list are almost identical in strength to Strange and Maximoff.

There are the best 10 Magic-users in the MCU, ranked from weakest to strongest.

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In the Ms. Marvel series, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) was revealed to be a magic user. The series decided to change her origin stories and powers, with one of the new powers being the ability to give cosmic magic to others. This powerful energy, called tough light, has purple glow and is pulled from the Noor dimension. Khan uses cosmic magic in many different ways, such as forming the limbs and fist in the form of a literal hard light, that he is able to walk on, and making crystalline projections. At the end of the series, the possibility of her Inhuman Identity is what gives her the ability to do cosmic magic.

Unfortunately, Ms. Marvel is the only one in the MCU that could use cosmic magic away from the Noor dimension. Also, determining how she works with other magic users is difficult to find out what she does with her powers. Unfortunately, there is still no such thing as unknowns. She’ll soon be able to create more powerful symbols of magic. Since Mrs. Marvel’s powers are different, they seem more or less equal to real powerhouses such as Wanda, Doctor Strange or Hela.



Wong (Benedict Wong) was introduced in Doctor Strange and is currently in the highest order of the Master of the Mystics. In Spider-Man: No Way Home, it’s revealed that Wong is now the Sorcerer Supreme. He gained the title due to a technicality that happened when Strange was blipped.

Wong often keeps Strange in his place, is always the voice of the truth and loyal almost to fault. While Strange might be more powerful, Wong is much more experienced and more knowledgeable in all matters related to mystic arts. Even he managed to use his powers to defeat the battle of the Seven Rings Legends of Shang-Chi. Wong generally works best as a protector or assistant. He has not gotten any pain or pain in a manner that is required to fully realize what his power is. Many people consider him content to protect the sanctum and leave the large battles to Strange.

Baron Karl Mordo has been in charge.


Karl Mordo has very similar power to Wong. Both He and Wong are a mystic master and train closely with the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton). However, Mordo definitely has a little ruthlessness that Wong lacks. Mordo is extremely disillusioned by the difference between her teachings and her actions in the Ancient Ones. He makes no sense of how magic is being used.

Among her powers is the power of energy absorption. Mordo can get the magic out of sorcerers by absorbing their magic energy. With a chip on his shoulder and a deep knowledge of the Mystic Arts, Mordo might be a tough foe against Wong. In the same way, we actually didn’t see him use his powers in the same way that other magic-users have. It seems reasonable that he had no idea what he would have done before Doctor Strange. He could well be an expert in dark history and cultivate his powers. Despite the amount of money that the MCU has given us to do so far, Mordo isn’t a very strong magic user.


Agatha Harkness made her MCU debut in WandVision. She’s a very powerful witch. She travelled to the Salem Coven. Harkness was accused in the Salem witch trials of practicing dark magic and beaten by the coven. She killed all the other witches and fled, having spent over 300 years honing her powers and even using the Darkhold. She is envious of Wandas chaos magic and traveling to Westview to investigate and manipulate events. Harkness attempts to steal Wandas power, but it’s not the best revenge of Wandas chaos. She was deemed lost to the powers of her powers and then reregulated to the budgeon she pursued an impersonate.

Harkness is definitely a powerhouse and so wore a crossroads with Wanda. Though deep trained and knowledgeable, there’s no measurable power source. Harkness is very powerful at manipulation and tricks, but when it comes to the rigour of energy she shows she is lacking. It’s surprising that a lot of power she shows up on her side, because she has the darkness on her side. Every other magic-user who wants to be the best out of the darkhold has become tremendously powerful. It’s odd that Harkness didn’t show any groundbreaking power even though he benefited from that book.



Loki is the god of evil and is a powerful lover of Asgardian magic. When he is a child, he develops a close relationship with her mother, Frigga. Favorsi became a master of asgardian magic and taught Loki. By this, Loki become very productive in magic, using it to create a fantasy and transform himself. His popularity has increased in many cases throughout the MCU, because he has been tricking, making himself unseemable, manipulating his image and inventing others.

Loki is reliable and strategic, so he can often succeed. However, his tricks often fail to prove power. This is why he desperately seeks the Tesseract and the title of King to give him the power that he wants. It’s because he is so tired of death by Thanos (Josh Brolin), and why Strange is not in love with Loki. Loki uses his magic when it’s smart and mischievous. Nevertheless, he has no chances against those who can easily look at how to get through his tricks.

Morgan le Faya has bought a piece of jewellery.


Morgan Le Fay made her MCU debut in Runaways. Le Fay is a highly influential enchantress, who started out as a foe to King Arthur. As a result, she had been banished for centuries to the Dark Dimension, where she continued to plot to conquer the world. Once she escapes the Dark Dimension, she performs a plan similar to Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) in Doctor Strange trying to combine Earth with the Dark Dimension. Despite those plans, the Runaways continue to frighten her and then exhale the darkness.

The list of powers and abilities shown in le Fays is very extensive, so I wouldn’t say it at all. She can bet that others like her bidders, deflect attacks, utilize telepathy, create illusions, communicate between the Dark Dimension and Earthly Plane, and have healing abilities. Le Fay surpasses many magic-users on this list because she loves dark magic. Although her powers and the Darkhold are powers, she can still go away from the Dark Dimension. If that wasn’t for her prison, she’d probably wreak havoc with her powers.



Hela made her dramatic entry in Thor: Ragnarok and quickened the whole of Asgard into his knees. She was the daughter of Odin (Anthony Hopkins), and also the Goddess of Death and Asgard. When Hela tried to take the throne, Odin banished her. Asgard, however, is given freed upon death and returns to victory. Her brothers Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki, are no match for him. She’s left when the Surtur is released and destroys all of Asgard with Hela.

Hela is serious about power. While Loki and Frigga use their magic to simple tricks, Hela continues to do that by a lot. For example, she can bring magic energy into her hands that gave her the power to disperse Thors hammer. She also can manifest Necroswords, which she uses in her Asgardian massacre. Hela takes her power from Asgard himself, giving her superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability. There’s only the Surtur (and The destruction of Asgard itself), that can stop Helas immense power.



Moon Knight introduced a new, highly powerful magical being to the mcu Ammit (Saba Mubarak). How interesting it is to tell what’s the magic of Ammit. He uses a very strong energy with a purple glow. This resembles Dark Magic, particularly the one used by Agatha Harkness. The nature and the origins of Ammits magic power are also not visible in the MCU.

While it seems to be unknown, it’s all known that Ammit is a very powerful being. Of the most series, our skills are as a gift for Arthur Harrows’ staff. Even if we don’t take that hard, it’s enough to judge the eutmost souls and even summon swindles. Ammit can easily wipe out millions of individuals she believes makes sense and devour their souls. She is much stronger than the other gods. They show that even they fear her. Her weaknesses are obvious, but she still needs to be able to commit to an Avatar, a problem that makes her vulnerable. However, without that technicality, there is little that any lunar knight (Oscar Isaac) or Khonshu (Karim El Hakim and F.M. Murray Abraham) could have done to stop her once she unleashed her power.

The ancient one was the same old one.


Ancient one appeared before Doctor Strange in the movie The Doctor Strange supreme o’contravent and leader of the Master of Mystic Arts. She showed her total proficiency in mystic arts, and is a very powerful sorceress. Not only that, but she’s revealed that she’s also tapping into the Dark Dimension in order to increase her powers. Drawing from the Dark Dimension gives him immortality and reality warping powers.

Ancient people mastered mystic arts, tapped into the Dark Dimension, and had even centuries to gain their skills. Needless to say, she is a force for reckoning. She is more powerful, technically than Strange. She was his mentor and he is still growing to equate her in power. The ancient one acquired her skill over centuries, while Strange acquired her powers in months. With that being said, Strange is nearly comparable in power to herand in short time. Leading to the belief that he’ll surpass her ability far better.


Doctor Strange is a master of the Mystic Arts and the former Sorcerer Supreme (before Wong stole his title). Not only that, he’s very fast learners. He will take over from the New York State Medical School as a master of the Sanctum after a long few months of training. He is extremely creative in spell casting, mirror-dimension magic, and more.

Strange defeated Kaecilius, outsmarted Dormammu, found the only way to stop Thanos, and frightened the universe, and against different variations. Not only that, but we’ve seen From What If.? and Doctor Strange 2 that if he really wanted to, he could literally obliterate the whole universe. With keen intelligence, strategy and a knack for magic, there aren’t any enemies for him. As far as the chaos comes, the only one who has to give it an instant.


As in Doctor Strange 2 we can see, Doctor Strange can’t fight against the power of Wanda. Once she embraces her identity as the scarlet witch, with a Chaos Magic and a Darkhold, she is pretty much irrepressible. In the MCU, Wanda is the only magic user who can use this magical power. He has the power to manipulate the reality and to warp them.

In WandaVision, we saw him hex that whole city and morphed it into a sitcom-themed reality. She never does that anymore, but she produces a vision and children without a fuss. With chaos and the power of the darkhold, there is nothing to stop Wandaor from doing.



We only spotted Dormammu in the MCU one time, in his live-action debut in Doctor Strange. In this film, Dormammu is the absolute ruler of the dark Dimension. He’s described as a being of infinite power and wants to make every universe into the darkness. In Doctor Strange, he tricked Kaecilius into helping him to fuse Earth with the Dark Dimension. But Strange uses time stone to trap Dormammu in an infinite loop, refusing to release him until he agrees to leave Earth.

Now it’s not known that Strange won’t defeat Dormammu, he only temporarily outsmarted him. In reality, Dormammu killed Strange a few thousand times, and did so in the endless loop. Dormammu’s powers transcend time itself and has complete control over the darkness horizon. Yes, Wanda has chaos magic, but Dormammu has the power of a whole dimension at his fingertips. If the two were bringing on, I would’ve found that Dormammu would’ve snuffed her out as quickly as he did Strange.

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