The Modern Warfare 2s midseason update isn’t going well

Call of duty Modern warfare 2 Recently received a mid-season update, but players have reported a series of bugs that caused issues. This update, called Season 1 Reloaded, has been released last week and introduces the latest version of the fan-favourite maps shipment: First raid - then picks up where the base games story ended.

Call of duty modern warfare 2 Recently received a mid-season update, but players reported a series of problems causing issues.

That update, called Season 1 Reloaded, was released last week and includes an update to the fan-favorite map shipment, the games first raid that picks up where the base games story left off and the limited-time game mode Warzone Cup. Unfortunately, the update also caused unwanted bugs and a pity to be frustrated (thanks Eurogamer).

One of the most significant changes, shared in the games subreddit, is the removal of custom builds. The problem was still unknown, but some players say they’ve just forgotten a few buildings, but Infinity Ward later realized that the problem was related to this equipment, and then discovered that the gold camouflage was used on the equipment. Some players also found that they lost all weapon camo progression, which is obviously a nuisance in the long run. According to The Infinity Ward, this is a UI issue.

Players are also unable to find matches if they launch a game from a suspended console instead of restarting the game.

In the end, a big problem players had was getting the message Dev Error 11557, apparently caused by a corrupted file.but what Infinity Ward offers for this is a very simple reinstalling of the game, but considering the size of the file, it isn’t easy.I also offers a potential solution if reinstalling doesn’t work. If this is done, can you look here.

Modern Warfare two might have some issues right now, but it was still the best-selling game in November.