The new adventure for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, including Cinderace and Delibird, has been launched

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet announced the next Tera Raid Eventsand this time the players could fight the cinder yard with deli bird. Cinderace is going to be the face of seven-star tera Raids, while you can meet Delibirds in a 3- and 5-star tera Raid. Where did you pick the type of wing?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet announced the next Tera Raid events and this time, players can face cinder yard with deli bird. Cinderace will be part of seven-star Tera Raids. A few other Delibirds can be caught in two- or five-star Tera Raids lower-tiers.

Which brand do you choose?

The Delibird Tera Raid will be held on Christmas Day. Starts on the 23th of December and ends on the 25th of December. They exist in Paldea in Tera Raids with a star rating of 1 to 5 and their types don’t have permanent Tera-types.

Chipbirds are a Pokemon that glides in Ice/Flying, making it difficult to move the type of Pokémon Fire, Electric and Steel. Though Rock is weak, a choice of Pokémon is also important. That said, Delibird should not be a large challenge.

The Cinderace Aster Raid will be approaching the new year. Starts on December 30 and ends on January 15, 2023, two weeks later. This attack will be a seven-star event, and Cinderace is a Fighting Tera type in the Battle of the Dead.

This Cinderace is very weak to treat with Psychic, Ghost and Fairy moving. However, ghost types have an edge on their own in this area, because they won’t be affected by any fighting type moves that Cinderace can use.

This two event happened after the Charizard Tera Raid event, which has happened two times in the past month, and finally reached a conclusion yesterday. The Tera Raids may be a great way to add Pokemon to your squad, and even though you’ll probably never find them around Paldea, I can only wonder which Pokemon should be introduced to the next game.

Can you catch Cinderace at Christmas? Are you planning on developing a Pokemon? Let us know.