The new firmware update without reboot has been released on Switch

In most cases, if the Nintendo Switch releases a firmware update, the version number changes and, at most least, there are several changes that have been made. For the console to complete the updates, the console should restart itself. But soon enough, the company will release firmware update that doesn't require all of this.

When Nintendo usually releases a firmware update for the Nintendo Switch, it has to do with a change in the number of versions and the more recently the changes have been made. The console should reboot so as to finish these updates.

Now, the company’s working to release a firmware update that can’t be rebooted. These no reboot updates are usually very minor in nature, and patch notes rarely appear on them, but are significant. For example, Nintendo released one tonight. You can see a tweet where the news is broke and what the update has been changed.

Next-door Firmware Update]

The no-reboot update for 15.0.1 has been released.

The only other change is a list of bad words. There were several concepts introduced. It appears to me that the lists are also shuffled so that the non-offensive text cannot be blocked.

Santamealdome (@Oatmealdome) December 20, 2022

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