The new game from Ninja Gaiden’s creators blasts everything out of the picture

Wanted: Dead, the shooter of Ninja Gaiden, uses this day to get out of town on a explosive trailer with us. The battle between Big guns and katana strikes are the rules of the day Wanted dead, an action game that fits personal use and a traditional third-person shooter. The title brings back the wave.

Wanted: Dead, shooter of the Ninja Gaiden team, uses this time of year to share a bomb trailer with us.

The greatest of enemies is the most famous, like katana swings and bloodsplatters, an action game that matches a traditional shooter’s practice. The title combines the wave of celebrations that end on a calendar that hits the end of the year to blow everything up in a new trailer that’s very explosive as it’s unconventional.

Wanted: Dead takes up arms and plays Ninja Gaiden on stage.

It’s expected for February 14, 2023 to the PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One from the developers who cut their teeth on Team Ninjas Ninja Gaiden series. We embody Hannah Stone, a policeman with a very quick approach, who generally prefers to shoot and butcher rather than calmly discuss and question. The latter, accompanied by her entire broken arms unit, will investigate the broader conspiracy of the Hong Kong underworld and much more. Mafia, combos, explosions, big mechas, and even a cat are on the program.

Juggling between the TPS and firing phase, a cover system, and multiple different weapons and katana combat, the game is meant to be edgy and gory, although more and more from one Ninja Gaiden. Today he gives us an entire new facet of his gameplay using a full WTF sequence, embedded in rhythmic minigames. People with the need for the second degree should depend on the second degree and offer completely strange situations. You will get to a decision within a few weeks.