The next MacBook Air leaks thanks to Steam! Apple didn’t expect it to be that big enough

News receipt plan The next MacBook Air leaking on steam! Apple didn't expect that Published 19.12.2022 at 09:20 2 new Apple MacBook products for next year? It seems like this was because of a data leak that caused Steam to leak two mysterious Apple MacBooks. A month later, Steam is gathering [] data from the data release.

Get the news receipt plan The next MacBook Air is leaking thanks to Steam. Apple didn’t expect that.

Published on 19.12.2022 at 09:20.

Why not buy two new Apple MacBooks for next year? That seems to be the case owing to a Steam data leak.

Steam finds two mysty Apple MacBooks.

As it does every month, Steam collects data from a lot of gamers computers around the world to better understand the hardware and software that the public is using. Of course not all this happens without knowledge. The survey is purely voluntary. A good aspect is not only the anonymity, but also the fact that the survey is completely anonymous.

The purpose of the survey was to help Steam make decision regarding investments and products that are worth making.

Similarly, we can see the market share of Intel and AMD processors among gamers, with a clear dominant status of Intel, representing 66,65% of users. It’s also a possibility to check the usage of graphics card devices by manufacturer. Nvidia is above the 68,59 % of your table, followed by CPU at 15,155, Intel at 8,94%, and finally a thorny 0,22 % for the rest.

The number of computers, the different versions of Direct X, which VR headset the most current, and the different computers in the MAC, In short, there are enough space to study it.

And even some people got some precise information about their MacBooks soon! In fact, two not known Apple-branded computers have connected to the Steam Games Store and yet are not identified in the stores: Mac 14.6 and 15.4.

Apple’s new MacBooks are coming soon.

The presence of these machines in the data is very small, 0.00% of all Macs logged in Steam, and that makes absolutely sense considering that they need to be test machines that even still stand from Apple.

One of them, the MacBook 14.6, was already recognized on Geekbench and featured a brand new M2 Max chip with a very interesting performance without being transcendent and having to switch to it immediately as soon as it was released. Hopefully, this will arrive in a new MacBook Pro.

On the other hand, the presence of the Mac15.4 is really interesting news that might confirm the presence of another MacBook at Apple’s next arrival. Quite logically we will assume that it will be a smartphone equipped with an M2 Pro or M2 Max chip. It is possible that it will appear in the Cupertino brand catalog the same time as the Mac 14.6.

In short, the next year promises to be very interesting on Apple’s side.