The original movie, Roman Sands, RE:Build Revealed for Switch and PC in Stylish Trailer

Serenity Forge announced that they’ll publish the Arbitrary Metric-developed adventure visual novel Roman Sands RE:Build on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in Summer 2023.

Roman Sands RE:Buildfinds players washed up on the shore of an unobstructed beach. They are all about waiting until the sun hits the world and you will be able to help them. The story reveals horror elements as you search for a break. Without a large voice on the radio, you could never see life support. For face of stuttering, you should give up to something new.

This game features action, adventure, puzzle solving, and survival simulation mechanics.

The publisher released a new trailer with photos of the islands and some of the locals. What should be a high-end paradise turns dark quickly as players try to find a escape. He keeps his cards close, no telling how things are going now. I have told you that’s good for a game like this.

Most recent title of Arbitrary Metrics is 2018 paratonic. This is a very positive review from Steam.

See you about the development and release of Roman Sands RE:Build.

Find out the trailer above.