The Streaming Final of the Superbowl saw many more people take the win to the Elden Ring win the Game Awards

In the modern world, videogames are the biggest entertainment industry. Now we know a little bit better how much: the Games 2022 achieved 11,5 million views According to the organizer himself, Geoff Keighley explains a Twitter. After the previous year's edition, it was 20 % more popular among the younger generation. To explain that, [] [] in perspective.

This is the world’s biggest entertainment industry. Now we know a little better how much the Game Awards 2022 gave over 11,5 million views According to the organizer himself, Geoff Keighley details a Twitter. 20 % more people were attended in the previous edition. To put it in perspective, this record number is a very strong addition to the Superbowl 2022 (streaming) record. Is there an isolated case or a trend?

The Game Awards have a very special interest. It can only be due to the awards ceremony itself. The format’s name is different than any other traditional ceremony, such as the Oscars, providing information, surprises and new developments.

The nominated games will rival the Hollywood actors, directors, and movies. In fact, you could almost say it’s more aligned with big sports events.

The challenge in this year was clear: the culmination of the ceremony was to turn Elden Ring, God of War, or any other nominee in the world as the best game of the year. This game was a joy and a disappointment for some, but the truth is that we’re talking about great games.

It goes without saying that when game artists and developers compete, the big winners end up being the players. And that’s when they come across a deal and argue their differences. But given the data, it’s time to examine how much more the video games do in the present day than big sporting events.

What was more exciting: the football world cup or League of Legends

As we mentioned earlier, the number of customers presenting the Game Awards is increasing, and the extent of their success is measured by a thermometer. You can tell how many times the popularity of games becomes even more public. That this event has surpassed the Superbowl is certainly a milestone given the immense resurgence of the event. How good is it for football? It depends.

The recent grand final of World Cup World Championship in Qatar 2022, on Sunday, January 19th, Argentina France attended the annual event, which attracted 12,207,000 spectators (as per The Confident), on average only Spanish Television (Consert). Then you must add all the other alternative media to the public channel. If we take in account the figures on a global scale, which we don’t have, the result will leave you out of the hiccups.

It is not that clear or wrong for many individuals. The bulk of the Spanish television audience happened in the penalty shootout, as is the general appearance in the broadcast.

Football benefits enormously because it fascinates many generations simultaneously and the oldest clubs are over 100. In the case of video games, we find out that PONG turned 50 a few days ago.

If were to give out the heavy artillery, it might be worth remembering World Championship for League of Legends de 2022the great League of Legends tournament, brought together this year more than five million concurrent viewers and almost 150 million hours watched since its inception. According to the eSportsCharts only the event that took place between September and October of this year brought together an average of one million viewers by minute broadcasts.

The conclusion is that the great events of video games don’t reach the maximum figures of the great football party, at least not yet, but have already got more loyal viewers through the new video platforms.

Videogames figures compare to other major entertainment events.

While we can’t compare between World Cup and other major video games events, we can compare the milestone of viewers of a movie like The Game Awards with other big show and a great ceremony whose impact is huge in the whole world.

  • In the final report released by Nielsen, the Oscars Gala saw 16,6 million viewers according to our colleagues from the Espiof store. It continues to tend downward, in spite of the rise in the past generation, to do as it seems that twenty million people failed to recover from that generation.
  • On the other hand, a total of 1142,3 million subscribers a day, if we add all the platforms on which it is broadcast, the largest point being 99,2 million viewers of NBC during the game of Cincinnati Bengals against Los Angeles Rams.
  • Nevertheless, streaming the 2022 Superbowl in Peacock and other digital platforms is 11,2 million. According to Sportsmediapro, A bit less than the Game Awards.
  • Let’s go to the movies: the sense of waterthe new Avatar movie, has swept the world box office according to what they say in Espinof, with total revenue estimates of 434,5 million dollars. Since xataka The producers told us that on the opening weekend only in Europe more than 1,2 million watched the cinema.
  • As far as it goes, the series Wednesday earns only 1.0022,19 million hours in nine days, whereas the biggest amount of hours to watch is Espinof.
  • What can happen if we focus on a strong sport with less appeal than the World Cup or the Superbowl? According to Statesman, the NBA Finals broadcast in 2022 brought together some very worthy 14,4 million spectators only in the United States.
  • Final match finals were recorded on Spanish territory as many as 8 seveny-two thousand viewers as promised. The best team was Spanish.

All these data are merely illustrative, and they are also incomplete figures, since, except for streaming media figures, many of them are biased by multiple elements that give them new nuances: How many people saw Real Madrid lift La Orejona from China or Mexico?

We can tell you that only a handful of games on Twitch are all at once a special event. You can see that more than thirty million views are generated by games like Word of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto V, LOL, Valorant y CS:GO.

This is the stage with the dancers, and based on the event at the target or who broadcasts, many more games can stand out, such as Fortnite, FIFA or Minecraft. Those figures do not come from a week starting in December.

But, of course, success of each game is a factor for the next Game Awards gala. If it does not happen, we’re going to play Zelda in 2023 or Hogwarts Legacy.

11,5 million took over a video game award ceremony. A single case or a trend?

Cinema and TV have been researching the ways to bring video games to your area for years. They aren’t people who’re a lot of ideas, but also as a result of their growing audience’s swindling interest in movies or their own subscription. In turn, that impact has a reciprocal effect. We know that Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, the Netflix series, skyrocketed interest and the number of active players in Cyberpunk 2077.

Another thing is the number of users on each media. According to Radek Grabowskiby CD Projekt RED, the anime will air on Netflix in the first week and a half. The crime took place. Our number of viewers is not for the game Cyberpunk 2077. It may be better if we use websites such as and we limited ourselves to Twitch, focusing solely on December 2020, we ran into 63,6 million hours, watched. That, no matter how you look at it, is already crazy.

The entertainment industry evolves quickly and slowly, it also explains its uses. Despite great events relating to the King of Sports and the Superbowl, much of the public will enjoy, but Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft o CO:GO aren’t regarded as classics, if not for the fact they draw countless crowds every day and when they get over that one day, they draw tens of thousands of people every week. More specifically, they draw on the audience in order to influence their future industry.

If planets are aligned and we play The Elder Scrolls 6, which sequel to Breath of the Wild or GTA, the Game Awards will probably become an award for the award ceremony. However, it becomes more clear that videogames are already the world’s largest entertainment industry.