The support for one of the most loved SNL players in the world he received in a heartfelt farewell

Cecily Strong made SNL a stronger, better show when she performed, and her absence is very unfortunate.

I was late for Saturday so I didn’t expect a lot of news when I got home. The whole thing, I got to my best: After 11 wonderful years, Mary Strong is leaving Saturday Night Live.

Look, I knew it was coming. Strong is a cast member who doesn’t want to leave, and we understand that the times must change, but that still stings. Strong was one of the greatest players of the show, with the legendary tolerance for silliness that meant it nearly impossible for her to break WHILE also dish out some of the best performances of any season she was in.

For those who missed this, here are Strong’s official goodbyes:

In full display of two strongest strengths, Character-acting and singing, isn’t it true. They even put in a photo cameo, called “Aidey Bryant” and “Mere McKinnon.” To put the line, they’re thinking about what they got. Uh, my heart.

Strong really gave the show a lot, from her wide selection of performing talents to the sheer power that she has earned. No matter how bad a sketch was, Strong always put it to the point where it wasn’t worth watching; she had the most iconic characters on the show. She only had that rare comedic gift where she could speak on important issues, such as abortion rights, and make jokes without having to cheapen her points.

Nevertheless, despite the massive increase in fans’ popularity, it is almost always a good time for Strong to leave. On top of that, the new players show a lot of potential, especially the chaotic force that is Sarah Sherman. With Strong’s departure, the more recent additions will bring more space to shine.

It’s hard to even think about Strong’s best skits because she has so many of them. I loved Jeanine Pirro impressions, although her accents have always killed me: her father, or someone in this case, like me.

Thanks for all the laughings, Cecily.

(featured image: NBC)