The Xbox Classic X | S is a success and sells faster than the Xbox 360

Week by week, we will learn more about the total number of console sales. And while Microsofts doesn't have any number available on the console sold, some companies also give the number an estimated number. This is the case of VGChartz, which confirms that in total The Xbox Series X | S would have already sold just [].

We learn new details about the total number of consoles. Despite the fact that Microsoft doesn’t provide the number on consoles sold, some companies at a retailer give estimates. This is the case of VGChartz, which says that the Xbox Series X | S would have already sold just over 20 million consoles.

Clearly this is an impressive thing, but a lot more so when we compare it with the Xbox 360, Redmonds’ strongest console is very successful, in a few years.

Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox 360, take a ten million less than Xbox 360.

And as you compare it to the Xbox Series X | S, the figure was nearly 20 million consoles sold in just over 24 months. This is a record number – Since the Xbox 360 reached the same figure ten months later. The first time was three years. Without a doubt, is the complete signal of Microsoft’s strategy and the series series is the quality of it, with the company offering two unique consoles that benefit different audiences. And the achievement of creating a console like the Xbox Series S is a real mess, and it will not surprise you that this is the last of a whole week.

The #Xbox SeriesX|S reached 20 million units this month.It’s now nearly two years old.

Astal (@astranch) December 19, 2022.

In addition to that should be added Xbox Game Pass, which promotes the strategy of those in Redmond and the future of big games, with Starfield and Forza Motorsport coming soon. These are innumerable times for the company but they have to serve to continue strengthening the strategy, and 2023 is an ideal scenario to continue.


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