This classic graphic adventure is free for download by GOG and you’re forever going to keep it going

Don't forget Christmas offers from GOG to continue spreading joy back. Last week, you could play some games without paying anything in exchange for them. For the first time, the digital store will try to stop the rhythm; so as to rouse free parking, in the next few days, you can save the money.

From the Christmas offer offered by GOG they continue spreading joy once again. Last week, we had the opportunity to play more games without paying anything in exchange for them, so the digital store don’t want to stop that rhythm, so you can always descargar their games and do nothing else.

It is very simple to get hold of it and it won’t take you a bit. You’re only supposed to connect to your account and access the main page from GOG, where you’ll find a banner for your account, so that you can add the title to the account forever. Of course, this period is very limited, so you’re given time to redeem it at three o’clock on December 22.

This installment of the popular graphic adventure saga is actually a remake in which we must accompany the protagonists on a journey that won’t be unable to solve the world’s mysteries, evasions and even a hidden conspiracy to discover the truth behind the Knights Templar.

This new version will include an additional chapter where all the events will be watched from Nicos’ point of view, and you can play the original title Dancing the Moon! Add in some avatars, wallpapers and even comics, so that everyone can turn it down to something more interesting.