This frightened fan-clast for a Doctor’s Doom deserves a chance

He's probably a long line of supes who are earliest friends of his career by stealing soaps.

When one of the Marvel movies is out of the form and the introduction of mutants into the Cinematic Universe, a lot of people are speculating who (if anyone) will be cast to play one of the most influential villains in comic books, Doctor Victor von Doom. Among the people who get the most attention is the debate over who will be Dooms counter, Reed Richards. Mr. Fantastic. While Richards will likely be a teamman, Doctor Doom is a villain and must be able to stand alone. This makes casting even more vital. The actor Charlie Clapham worth serious consideration.

Other than Kick-Ass, the British Romani actor is famous in the United Kingdom for movies and drama like the award-winning soap opera Hollyoaks. His other dozen projects, but it’s not merely the soap that has become the most involved project in the book, and the sequel to the sequel in which the sequel is a movie (appearing in almost 400 episodes), the connected universe and long-running serialized comics have a great number of operas, and I will die on the hill especially comics where characters get older if the plot fails. Clapham was hoping to recruit a long line of supes who began their early career in soaps. This list includes Christopher Reeves (yes, Superman), Chris Hemsworth and many more.

Another reason why Clapham has the role of Doctor Doom is that the popularity of the fans is growing. While many say that Clapham looks like Doctor Doom, others also emphasize the importance of Romani representation and that aspect of Doctor Doom, as well as their love for Claphams filmography. After being tagged multiple times, Clapham expressed interest in the character, too. While its more common to create at the behind the scenes than to show and screen on Marvel films, it is still nice to see that Clapham is actually interested in the role, the MCU and Romani roles in the media.

We like to see a huge amount of @marvel fans wanting to be a Romani actor for DR Doom.

Charlie Clapham (@CharlieClapham) July 22, 2022

The only recurring hesitation is that Clapham hasn’t taken a lot of roles and isn’t a recognizable figure, especially in the US. However, newer actors, especially in recent MCU phase, are common. Many core characters in the mainstream comics (Marvel and DC) either were Jewish or Romanior their stories are influenced by the experiences of Jewish and Romani refugees and their descendants. It’s long been the last time I brought in actors and behind-the-scenes creative talent who would bring these experiences into these stories.

(featured picture: Marvel, artgerm)