This isn’t a World Cup, but we show him his two almost unknown grounds that we visited

When will Apple Park stop surprise us? That's probably never the case. And if not, tell your colleague, Pedro Aznar, CEO of Applesfera, on a site trip, that two small soccer fields near the Apple Fitness Center, have been discovered. Ok, the views aren't for the World Cup, but they're basically spectacular. The further evidence shows Apples focus on [] [].

When is Apple Park going to stop surprised us? Probably never. And, if not, tell our colleague, Pedro Aznar, director of Applesfera, when on the visit, discovered two large soccer fields – next to the Apple Fitness Center. Yeah, they aren’t for the World Cup, but it’s pretty spectacular.

A third proof of Apples focus on sports and how Apple Park was built from the start as a place where work isn’t all that comes into play. The campus is a perfect location for the Apple microcosm.

Our rings are sealed, without doubt the most suitable place to close them.

However, although one can see on the picture in this article, football is typically European, the two grounds are also very close in terms of usable land. In fact, they only find a rival in the indoor plaza next to the stage in the original apple logo.

View of Apple Park with two football fields on the right.

We know how much they use, but satellite images from Apple Maps show some fundamental parts of the football field rot when key parts are worn. Will leagues be organized between the various departments? Yes, American possibility is quite surprising.

The football pitches are wearing and wearing.

The view is spectacular in Apple Park, one of the large open spaces that sit close to the main building. As seen in photos taken mostly from the Fitness Center, the bottom heel of any game is very impressive. In this regard, Pedro Aznar tells us his first-person impression.

I want the World Cup to be played at Apple Park Look what nice grounds to play after work.

Pedro Aznar (@pedroaznar) 19 December 2022.

Finding these football pitches was a very good surprise. I remember the first time I saw them was during the presentation of the new Apple Watch, which they was about to show us at the Fitness Center, located near Apple Park, and about a mile from that area. To get in the fitness center, you must first enter the ring zone, and then take a road to the building with the Apples. Every thing is done in electric carts as standard as those in the golf – for example.

Between the ring and the Fitness Center, there was a huge green space in the area that was surrounded by trees, much larger than you can see on maps or even being there at some distance. When you leave the road, the huge green space with football pitches on one side is visible. Bright lawns bathed in Californian sunshine, stood back, yet not far from the main offices. There are benches that can watch the matches. It’s odd, because in the United States football is not the most famous, but the most known soccer or rugby world.

The Apple Fitness Center is a walking distance away.

Yet they were there. Without a doubt, I don’t like football, so I admit that these fields, which were carefully chosen, were invited to play with colleagues or friends. Near a few meters, the Fitness Center, with showers and a natural juice bar, welcomes employees who register for this closure. Who wouldn’t accept playing sport after such work?

Well surely nobody would say no to some exercise after work. Maybe he’s the first one. Maybe, during lunch break. I don’t say that apple Park encourages you to connect to nature due to its resemblance to the ring to close our Apple Watch, day by day.

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