Try and refresh your memory on one of the most pleasant moments of Game of Thrones

When Joffrey Baratheon-but-really-Lannister finally kicks the bucket in Game of Thrones, it must be one of the more satisfying experiences on the whole eight-season run.

From the words of Tyrion Lannister, (which was the real time when he was an incredible, compelling and fascinating character) to the death of this innocent bastard, I felt more relieved than a thousand of lying whores. And to say that and that the moment, when James Baratheon-but-really-Lannister-but-really-Waters finally kicks the bucket in Game of Thrones, should be one of the most satisfying in the show’s eight-season run.

And it’s because Joffrey was a good villain for Game of Thrones. Ignorable, cruel and cruel for the same sake, a monster to everyone and everything surrounding him and definitely one of the worst people to ever sit the Iron Throneenough to rival the Targaryens, which really means something. It is a very intelligent and brilliant character, well played by Jack Gleeson and illustrated with a brilliant style.

Character which you like to hate is by abandon.

It really seems that such a pivotal character is a truly memorable death scene; to have such a horrible death scene, so that the real Game of Thrones fashion should get to audiences years of fury for him. And that’s how we decided to call that “Pylo-Royal Wedding” nickname. This name came a shorthand to emulate the most famous red wedding and eventually became famous even by George R.R.Martin himself.

What episode does Joffrey die in Game of Thrones?

Those Purple Weddings is happening in Episode two of Season 4 to take place before the entire circus turns into a garbage pickup. Joffrey Baratheon is the widow of the false King Renly Baratheon and secures a partner between the richest houses of the world, the Lannisters and the Tyrells. A massive wedding feast is organized in the gardens of Red Keep, attended by noble lords and ladies from all walks of life.

The servants have carved a fruit cake from the table. The new queen and the kingdom’s queen love to feed every other part. It is quite incredible until Joffrey starts to choke and fall to the ground, his face turns purple, and ends up dying in his mother arms. And then everything goes loose. Tyrion was arrested for his murder. Prince Oberyn Martell dies fighting against the Mountain, Jaime is free of certain death and Tyrion ends up killing his father Tywin. You know, what game of Thrones has always been like.

So now, I suppose it was all from Game of Thrones, and we learned the Purple Wedding was from two of the shrewdest players in the gamePetyr Baelish and Olenna Tyrell, all organized by each other.

Even though Baelish has a tendency to be boring, especially in the aforementioned literature, it becomes easier to see why the queen of Thorns would have wanted Joffrey goneshe did not want her beloved granddaughter to go in bed with a man who knew she was a monster. Once Sansa, in a speech when Sansa reassured Olenna and Margaery on their talk in the Red Keep garden, before the wedding, can almost see the feeling that oh well time could be done in the younger Lady Tyrell’s mind.

Who’s willing to do a murder for a murder, the face of his own person (HBO).

So that’s how Joffrey ended up being poisoned at his own wedding. The poison, called the strangler, is put in a wine he drinks right before cutting pigeon pie from his bottle and then brought to the wedding feast by all who could have known the saint of a stark.

Olenna Tyrell gave her a necklace of crystallized poison in his gem, we see Olenna talk with Sansa and take care of her face, and extract the poison. However, since the Tyrion Lannister called Joffrey for his wine, Tyrion ends up being framed for the murder of his younger brother with the barbeque of his life. Joffrey’s last breath is clear.

The nickname Private Wedding comes from the poisoned wine, but I like the way they recalled the color of the Sansas gown (HBO).

For her part, Sansa is able to escape the feast and Kings Landing by giving her help to the help of Dontos Hollard, who arose to Baelish orders. The late acts of the purple wedding could be found in Episode 3 of Season 7 when Olenna confesses to poisoning Joffrey after Jaime and the Lannister military have overtaken Highgarden with the famous line: Tell Cersei. I wish it were me.

(image: HBO)