We can see what the world is about with Xbox

The year 2022 is coming to a end, which left us with great moments, unusual novelties and games for all tastes. But of course, we'd like to know the final tally of hours and achievements, and which game we spent the most time on. That would be a wrapper or a infographic.

As an end, 2022 will end, an annual year which has left us with excellent moments, exciting novelties and games for everyone. I wouldn’t do that, but I wanted to know the final tally of hours, achievements and games we occupied most. That means that a wrapper or an infographic of interest, like that of Spotify or, most recently, PlayStation.

Something that annoyed Xbox fans — Microsoft didn’t release any similar content this year. So far, TrueArchivements took the lead, which enables us to know the stats of our 2022 game on the Xbox.

Our #MyYearOnXbox is now available.

It is not possible for us to use the main stage of a document of true archive, log in, or create a free account, on the platform, and get a copy of the Xbox xbox. Once we finished, we can view and share the personal infographic of myYearOnXbox, where we can see the numbers of achievements played on the Xbox console, and the number of games we have got, and the number of hours we dedicate we have.

How did you start with Xbox? Hopefully, a lot of games and achievements will be achieved. Don’t forget to share your wrap on our social media.


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