What are the most popular games in the world? A fun interactive platform, with one of the biggest mascots of Ubisoft

One of Ubisoft's most beloved characters is Rayman, a curious character with a white eyes and a lack of arms, legs and a neck, but he has both a head and a hands, let alone a hand-handed blow. That's the case since he began his journey in [].

One of Ubisoft’s most beloved characters is Rayman. He is a curious character that stands out by a lack of arms, legs, and a neck, but he does have a head, a foot and a hands, and only by those that give him good blows. He began his journey in 1995, and since then he has appeared in many video games, including the Rayman Legends.

This extraordinary 3D action-platform adventure was the last to reach consoles about a decade ago. The only title ever that Rayman has starred in was the Mini of Apple. Even so, Rayman Legends I have been proud of the saga of over 25 years.

All those subscribed to PlayStation Plus y Extra can check it on their own, since it’s part of the library that can be accessed with either of these two subscriptions. If you’re the one who signed up to this service, it’s time to download it for free and organize good gatherings of friends.

Because Rayman Legends has some of the strongest points to do is play play by co-player. In that game you can get up to four people to help you overcome the colorful levels of enemies and deadly traps that you will have to dodge, using a speed game that keeps hitting the button on time and allows you to return to the next level.

This is particularly noticeable when he plays a fun musical instrument, where these actions must be performed according to the rhythm of his phrasing. Even so, there will be no shortage of battles against imposing final bosses such as dragons and other creatures. All this with a very excellent artistic design in the form that makes it enter only at the beginning of the first minute.

In the meantime, Rayman is accompanied by Barbara, Globox and the Tiny Ones as they enter four magical realms with their own stories. In this year, there will be unlimited online contests, a band full of songs, we won’t get tired of listening to, so Rayman Legends may well be one of the kings of the party.